With Huishan and Anzaixian, because of the intersection of bars and hot search, do men really have a harbinger of splitting legs?

 With Huishan and Anzaixian, because of the intersection of bars and hot search, do men really have a harbinger of splitting legs?

This is not an empty comment, it is based on science. Professor Thomas Klein, of Heidelberg University in Germany, surveyed 2,000 couples and concluded that if your partner suddenly starts to be keen on weight loss and fitness, its not a good thing. It could be adultery. He believes that it is normal to gain weight without the pressure of spouse selection after marriage. Once you start to get involved in yourself, waist circumference and curve for no reason, there must be something strange about it. This is called weight dynamics.

German is so strict. A man will never choose to break up without retreat. If he comes to tell you, dear, we are not suitable. We have no future. I have no feeling for you. Simply, there are other women outside.

So if women are careful enough, they will find that men have a lot of precursors before they go off the rails.

For example, your boyfriend is an IT resident, sitting at home playing games every day, suddenly one day to the gym to exercise muscle, and very determined and perseverance, then, he certainly is not for you, but for the junior and himself. The appearance of junior three makes men feel that the world has become better, so they have to show their best side, which is almost the most instinctive reaction of male animals in front of female animals.

Another precursor is weight loss. According to a survey on a British website, 50% of men lose weight and lose a lot of weight after they cheat, averaging 2.7 kilograms. The reason for this is that the pressure of lying accelerates the secretion of hydrocortisone and adrenaline, which leads to an increase in heart rate and blood pressure and calorie consumption, and an increase in sexual intercourse and physical exertion due to stepping on two boats.

In this age, men often cheat on their mobile phones. Therefore, derailed men will be very concerned about their mobile phones, always have to see their mobile phones, will never lend others to play, especially will not lend his wife to play, go to the toilet, brush teeth, wash face, bathe, all with their mobile phones. In the past, mobile phones had no password, they would put passwords on them. In the past, they would change a complex password. Of course, there would be many men who would cheat with QQ. When people are in estrus, their brains would be very excited. Even if there were not many people with culture, they would spit out very pleasant words at this time. If your man secretly chatted about QQ, and chatted about it. Its doubtful to have a bright red face.

Theres a common trick on the internet: take your man to the door of a girl you suspect has something to do with him. If his mobile phone WIFI automatically connects, it means that they are related, and its not a day or two.

Another way to teach you: Open his Wechat Friends Circle and look at the beautiful pictures of girls in it. If you click on this picture and find it needs caching, it means that he has not opened it a little. If you click on this beautiful picture, it will open at one point, indicating that he has opened it a little before. If he often clicks on a girls picture, ha ha, you understand it.

Another characteristic of this derailed man is that his expenses will increase sharply. Dont talk about it. Love will increase his expenses greatly. So you should pay attention to your mans financial situation. If you have a large amount of unknown expenses, thats a problem.

Of course, opportunities are always for people with intentions. Men and women who cheat can hardly understand the pain of missing each other. However, the reality can not let them happily show up in the local area. The best way is to go out for a tryst. Therefore, more business trips for men may also be cheating.

This years extramarital affairs, so that women are really defensible, you can not stop men to work, you can not let men always live in the same sex, you said that if this is to catch two men together, it would be better to let him and women.

Finally, to believe your sixth sense, all say that womens sixth sense is accurate. This is not superstition. Women are naturally more sensitive than men. Brain magnetic resonance scans show that when men communicate, there are four or seven key areas in the brain. Do women know how much? As many as 14 to 16 regions, we are really a good breed, which can interpret the meaning of words, tone changes, body language.

There are many years of derailment and many years of derailment! When the economic situation is not good, men will work unsaturated, then make less money and feel depressed, and finally nothing happens! Sisters, early detection, early prevention and early punishment, timely containment of the most important!