Uncle riding a motorcycle was found to be speeding Earth Pass traffic police: not recognized

 Uncle riding a motorcycle was found to be speeding Earth Pass traffic police: not recognized

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Uncle was checked for speeding and showed Earth Pass: Everywhere can pass! Traffic Police: No (Source: Netease Video)

Men are speeding on motorcycles.

After being stopped by the traffic policeman, he said rightly:

I have the Earth Pass!

Today, this video is popular online.

September 5, Xuancheng, Anhui Province.

Traffic police are on routine patrols.

A speeding motorcycle was stopped.

Facing the traffic police car owners, they are not panicked at all.

Take out a certificate: Earth Pass!

See only one line on the Pass:

The whole earth can pass anywhere!

Traffic Police: Who did the Earth Pass?

Owner: The Earth Hero!

Traffic Police: Where did the Earth Hero do it?

Owner: Heroes of the Earth are far and near in front of us.

The owner of the car also made some eloquent suggestions:

You can check it on the internet. Its already there.

You search the Earth Pass to see if you can find it.

Do you dare to bet with me?

Traffic police:

This is not official.

There is no legal effect.


The first bull in the world can be awarded.

The worlds first madman can be awarded!

Faced with the gas-filled vehicle owner traffic police said: Earth Pass has no legal effect, will be punished according to law.

Netizens comment:

Whether you are an ordinary person or a superman,

We must strictly abide by road traffic safety regulations!

Source: Jiangsu News Responsible Editor: Guo Ping_B7442