Women are nearly 40 years old and cant go to school because of this reason.

 Women are nearly 40 years old and cant go to school because of this reason.

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Women are nearly 40 years old and cant go to school when they take part in the college entrance examination (Source: Netease Video)

Everyone has a feeling for the school. We have played, laughed, cried and struggled with our classmates in the school. We can say that the school is the most pure and beautiful place for us. Many people wait for the campus, and then recall the time of the school is so reluctant and miss, and some people who did not finish school. More want to go to school again, although some people are old, not suitable for school, but age can not limit their heart to go to school, and Ms. Zhang is nearly 40 years old, there is a love of learning heart, but encountered trouble!

Ms. Zhang: I passed the high education. They signed me up for the Adult College Entrance Examination. My scores exceeded their admission scores by dozens. When my notice came down, it exceeded the time of registration. They told me to pay the tuition fee for one year first, then this notice was given to you, and the rest of you were waiting online. Teaching, the result is very embarrassing, I did not go to this school, white efforts, so many examinations, paid a years efforts, one is his notice to me late, the second they did not record the student status to me, I want to ask their institutions now, how they want to solve me.

The school enrollment staff said they would try to help students solve problems.

Zhengzhou Shuqing Medical College enrollment staff: Name, and then send me the phone, I contact the leadership here to see what the situation, the school can help her re-enrollment, the school is student-based, at least to help students as far as possible.

Ms. Zhangs University also attaches great importance to this matter. It has also taken away Ms. Zhangs personal information and will give Ms. Zhang a reasonable result according to relevant regulations.

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