The rumor of price reduction in Maotai has been beaten up. It should still fly.

 The rumor of price reduction in Maotai has been beaten up. It should still fly.

Yu Jie: The statement that Feitian dropped from 2650 to 2100 is not entirely wrong. It just changed the concept. Everyone knows that the prices of finished goods and bulk goods in Maotai are different. Especially in the course of the rapid increase of the batch prices in Maotai this year, the price difference between bulk goods and bulk goods is widening. The biggest problem with this picture is that it compares the highest purchase price of 2650 (in fact, it seems that it hasnt been reached before, the cattle purchase price has touched 2600) with the recent purchase price of 2100 Yan for bulk goods, resulting in a huge price difference of 550 yuan, but the actual situation is as follows:

(1) Bulk purchasing price in the early period was only 2350-2400 yuan, todays purchase price is 2100 yuan, a decline of 250-300 yuan, indeed a larger decline. The core reason for the large decline is that before the Mid-Autumn Festival, all channels began to release goods and supply increased, but demand was affected by many factors, such as lower price expectations and weaker investment attributes. The bulk cargo of 2100 yuan is really not easy to pick up at present.

(2) Up to 2600 yuan in the pre-shipment period, the current quotation of 2400 yuan for cattle in Beijing area, 2450 yuan for large-scale goods, down 150-200 yuan, also fell more, but relative to bulk goods, anti-drop, mainly better investment attributes and stronger gift attributes. Of course, some peripheral areas are disturbed by panic and some Tunjia 2300-2350 yuan are shipped, but the price in Beijing is still strong, 2400 yuan is still good.

For future trends, Yu Jie said: However, generally speaking, the anticipation of price declines after the Mid-Autumn Festival is stronger in Maotai dealers and speculators, so it is not particularly surprising that panic selling occurs before the festival. We believe that there is still some room for future shipments to fall, but the magnitude is not good to judge.

In fact, according to Su Rong of Anxin Securities, the price of Feitian Maotai in Jiangsu and Zhejiang was 2550 yuan last week and 2480-2500 yuan this week, which is still strong. Prices in Guangzhou and Shenzhen ranged from 2480 to 2550 Yan, which has risen sharply since June.

The object of shipment from Tunjia is usually cattle. For the price fluctuation of about 100 yuan, Anxin Securities Su Rong said that the main reason is that the cattle want to make a difference, and it is normal to buy at a lower price.

In addition, according to Netease Financial Understanding, the current regulatory authorities are also vigorously cracking down on price panic rumors and scalper speculation and other disorders. On September 1, Guizhou Provincial Market Regulatory Bureau issued a document entitled Notice of Guizhou Provincial Market Regulatory Bureau on Public Collection of Illegal and Illegal Clues in Maotai Liquor Market Area (No. 103, 2019) in order to crack down severely on various illegal and illegal acts that disturb the market order of Maotai Liquor and maintain a good market order (Guizhou Province). The Bureau of Market Supervision solicits clues from all walks of life and the broad masses of the people on illegal and illegal activities in the Maotai liquor market.

Source: Netease Business Responsibility Editor: Yang Bin_NF4368