OPPO Reno2 System Experience: Intelligence and Beauty have no boundaries, the more you use, the better you use it.

 OPPO Reno2 System Experience: Intelligence and Beauty have no boundaries, the more you use, the better you use it.

[PConline Professional Assessment] This year, OPPO released a new ColorOS 6, which has been highly praised by many users for its elaborate UI and functionality. On September 10, OPPO officially launched its new flagship Reno2, the first model to carry the new ColorOS 6.1. Next, lets see what changes OPPOReno2 has brought to the system.

The Color OS 6.1 used in OPPOReno2 is based on Android 9.0 system. It has its own unique design in appearance. Especially compared with the old version of ColorOS, this change can be said to be earth-shaking, brand-new design icon, the whole UI interface will implement the white and light gradient to the end, and the overall vision. We were deeply impressed by the excellent impression.

The borderless design concept uses lightweight and elegant colors, uses white cloth to alleviate usersinformation anxiety, and designs a large number of icons and animation effects.

The newly designed Breeno has played a great role in OPPOReno2. It integrates the original AI functions and integrates multiple modules, including voice assistant, negative screen, smart sweep, smart screen, smart driving, etc. to make mobile phone more convenient for users.

Breeno has seven modules: voice, object, screen, quick-view, space, suggestion and driving. It provides users with convenient information and improves their life and work efficiency. We can easily wake up Breeno voice to serve us, consult the weather, set plans, and even inquire about garbage classification. Breeno can easily answer for you.

The use of intelligent scenarios can deeply learn user behavior habits, personal information and preferences, and provide situational-based services for users, such as home, work, meeting, driving, etc. It can trigger multiple instructions simultaneously with a pre-set sentence, for example, it can be set as soon as it comes home. Automatically connect WiFi and start ringing mode.

With full-featured NFC on OPPOReno2, it can support opening multiple traffic cards in different places, and can easily ride public transport in cities with more than 150 + nationwide. The new OPPOPay allows mobile phones to become bank cards in their wallets directly, so they dont need to carry so many cards after going out. Finally, it can simulate the community. Access card, access to the community is of course more convenient.

LinkBoost (dual Wi-Fi network acceleration technology) is one of the highlights of OPPOReno2. Dual Wi-Fi network acceleration technology allows mobile phones to connect two Wi-Fi at the same time, 2.4G+5G dual-channel collocation to achieve double overlap of network speed, greatly improving network signal and speed experience. In addition, OPPOReno2 also supports SLA polymorphic network acceleration 2.0, Wi-Fi and 4G on-line at the same time, reducing network latency, and specially optimizes the scenarios of high-speed rail, elevator and other scenarios requiring rapid network searching.

OPPOReno2 also has GameBoost 2.0 built-in, which can predict the status of mobile phone in real time and intelligently, meet the players demand for mobile phone performance in time, reduce touch insensitivity and cartoon sense, improve frame rate stability by 35.8% and touch performance by 35.2%.

In addition to the excellent hardware, OPPOReno2 also has built-in game space to improve the players game experience. In the game space, players can freely choose the mode of operation and the function of shielding notification to meet the needs of players in different situations.

In the course of the game, players can slide right on the left side of the screen and exhale the toolbar. In addition to notifying you not to disturb, they can also choose to refuse calls, hang up the game and change the sound of the game.


ColorOS 6.1 abandons the bar and frame, so that users can experience the borderless experience, coupled with extremely delicate animation effect, every slide, every fingertip operation on the screen, all bring users a smooth visual and operational experience like butter. Of course, in addition to beautiful UI design, ColorOS 6.1 has a very comprehensive coverage of system functions and is the most effective assistant for users.

OPPOReno2, as the first mobile phone with ColorOS 6.1 system, perfectly inherits the design concept of both inside and outside OPPO mobile phones, both hard and soft, and runs through the concept of wisdom and beauty without boundaries.

Source: PConline Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056