VOOC 3.0 charging experience, OPPO Reno2 is still the benchmark for fast charging

 VOOC 3.0 charging experience, OPPO Reno2 is still the benchmark for fast charging

PConline Professional Assessment] Flagship mobile phone charging has undergone quite radical upgrades this year. Mobile phone charging has been reduced from two hours to one hour or even half an hour. However, apart from some top flagship phones, many models still stay at 18W slow charging, which can only be maintained for a short time even with higher power fast charging. The speed of time. OPPO charging technology has always maintained a leading position in the industry. On OPPO Reno2, the fast charging experience has been further upgraded.

Faced with the power battle of barbaric growth, VOOC 3.0, however, makes the fast-charging pursuit battle step into the next field.

VOOC technology, industry charging benchmark

In 2014, OPPOs VOOC flash charging came into being. At that time, QC2.0 was not commercially available on a large scale, and the charging power of 18W was not comparable to that of VOOC flash charging. There was no fast charging technology in the market that could compete with it. Whats more, the classic slogan of charging for five minutes, talking for two hours has made VOOC flash charging a well-known charging technology.

VOOC flash charging not only takes the lead in charging power, but also adopts the scheme of low voltage and high current. Therefore, even if the screen is bright, the charging power can still be consistent with the power in the state of the breath-screen, and there will not be the embarrassment of fast charging when the screen is bright like other high voltage and low current fast charging technologies. Embarrassing situation.

It can be said that the emergence of VOOC flash charging has promoted the rapid progress of the whole fast charging technology industry, because we can clearly see that after the success of VOOC flash charging, friends and businessmen have begun to accelerate their pace and release various fast charging technologies. But in the actual experience of charging, few can catch up with VOOC flash charging. In the fast charging technology, OPPO is still the leader.

While setting up the industrys benchmark, OPPO has not stopped their steps. On the flagship products FindX and R17Pro, OPPO brings SuperVOOC super flash charging, charging power has reached an astonishing 50W, ranking first in the world, so far no one has surpassed it, and it has become the goal of mobile phone manufacturers to catch up with.

VOOC 3.0, another super fast charge

In 2019, OPPO installed the same advanced fast charging technology as SuperVOOC flash charging on Reno2. VOOC 3.0 flash charging accelerates charging in a more ingenious way.

VOOC 3.0 is an upgraded version of VOOC flash charging technology. OPPOReno2 has developed a new VFC fast charging algorithm. The charging time is 23.8% shorter than the previous generation. Precision control of voltage and current, constant voltage charging power to maintain a relatively higher level, safe and extremely fast, reduce cell phone charging heat. New fast charging algorithm, using customized voltage and current monitoring chip, more reasonable control of charging function.

Through the actual measurement, we found that the total charge time of OPPOReno2 is 73 minutes, which is very powerful for a mobile phone with 4000 mAh high capacity battery. It can completely match the same battery capacity level and support the total charge time of 40W fast charging model. In terms of charging time alone, VOOC 3.0 can be included in the list of super flash charging.


It has to be said that VOOC 3.0 technology has once again explained the benchmark level of OPPO in charging technology, and provided stronger compatibility, also reflects the sincerity of OPPO to users. Can the safe and fast VOOC 3.0 technology revolutionize the field of mobile phone charging again? Its worth looking forward to.

Source: PConline Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056