Manchester Citys gods are in a state of panic! ___________ Alisons chance to send him was not grasped.

 Manchester Citys gods are in a state of panic! ___________ Alisons chance to send him was not grasped.

Brazil and Peru met in the final of the Americas Cup in July, when Brazil beat Peru 3-1 to win the championship. The two teams met again in this match, and both teams sent some new players to practice. For example, in the goalkeeper position, Brazilian goalkeeper Alison (injured) in the final of the Americas Cup, while coach Titt sent Edson to the game. Although Alison and Edson are regarded as top goalkeepers, the gap between the two sides can still be seen in this match.

Edson also made some successful saves in the game, such as in the 22nd minute, Flores left shot was saved by Edson. In the 74th minute, Adewenkula shot and Ederson caught the ball.

But in the 85th minute, Peru got a free kick in the right corner of the penalty area, Jordan sent the free kick into the penalty area, Edson hit the fly to save, but he did not touch the ball when he made a mistake in judging the football landing point. Peruvian player Abram scored a header to help Peru score the winning goal.

In the second minute of the game, Ederson made a successful break, but his subsequent pass was interrupted by Peruvian player Rena. Fortunately, Brazilian guard Militan was in place in time to prevent Peruvian players from shooting empty goal to expand the score. Alison always performs more steadily in big matches, while Edson may play less in Brazil, but he is slightly rough in matches, which makes Coach Titt reuse Alison in key matches.

Brazil had more than 55% possession in the game and scored 14 goals, three of which were in the right direction, but never scored, and finally lost to Peru because of a free kick. Brazils last defeat in the national team was a 2-1 defeat to Belgium in the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup. The Samba Legion has been unbeaten in 17 consecutive matches, 13-4, but Brazils unbeaten record in this match was ended by a weak Peru.

However, Brazils national team was only in the semi-main line-up after all, and Neymar, the number one player, did not come on as a substitute until the 63rd minute of the second half. Real Madrid starlet Vincius also made his debut in Brazil on the 74th minute. Nineteen-year-old Vinexius did well at Real Madrid last season and joined the Brazilian national team, but he had never been able to play before, and this time he did.

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