Hong Kong DemonstratorsWorld Preliminary Shh National Anthem Upright Middle Finger Was Criticized and Shamed and Put into International Contest

 Hong Kong DemonstratorsWorld Preliminary Shh National Anthem Upright Middle Finger Was Criticized and Shamed and Put into International Contest

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Hong Kong fans boo the National Anthem (source: Netease Sports)

Last night, Beijing Time (September 10), the second round of the World Cup Asian Qualifying Championship 40, Hong Kong, China, played against its rival Iran at home. Who knows that the contest, which should have been entirely competitive, was also watched by extreme demonstrators?u2014u2014

They actually waved the American flag and the Hong Kong Dragon and Lion Flag during the competition, ignoring the rules of the Football Association, and publicly made a shush sound when the Chinese national anthem was played! This makes it difficult for many Hong Kong netizens to suppress their anger: losing face to the international community!

Demonstrators turned their backs to the stadium and held up their cards (Hong Kong media)

According to Hong Kong media reports on the 10th, demonstrators had long planned the rally, calling on fans to wear black or red T-shirts at the LIHKG Forum, a popular forum in Hong Kong, and demanding them to continue chanting slogans in English and singing the usual song Honorable Return to Hong Kong, as well as performing the National Anthem ceremony before the competition. Shh as much as you can.

The reason is simple: the game will be broadcast live on multiple sports channels around the world.

At 19 p.m., more than 100 demonstrators, in red, set out for the Hong Kong Stadium outside the Causeway Bay MTR Station. Along the way, they chanted anti-revision slogans such as Weare Hong Kong and Five Great Appeals, Necessary One.

When the Chinese national anthem was regularly played before the match, they were constantly booing, and some even deliberately turned their backs to the stadium, holding up Boo (booing) and Hong Kong does not belong to China and other demonstration cards.

Throughout the game, the crowd never ceased to disrupt the order of the stadium. The middle finger will be raised, the American flag and the Hong Kong dragon and Lion Flag will be waved, and then the stand will be left, go to the corridor, hold the torch, zip up the adult chain... At halftime, they sang Honor to Hong Kong again.

At the end of the competition, they returned to the illegal assembly at the Causeway Bay MTR Station, where radicals shouted slogans such as underworld and black police to provoke the police on guard. But because the number of people was too small to provoke trouble, they eventually left on their own.

Hong Kong lost 2-0 to Iran. In fact, the Iranian team once proposed to change the playing field on the grounds of security, but this request was rejected by FIFA. So far, however, it is not clear whether FIFA will issue a ticket to the Hong Kong Football Association.

In fact, Hong Kong has had several booing incidents before. In the World Preliminary Tournament of 2015, all the home matches in Hong Kong were without exception, especially the national soccer teams match at Mongkok Stadium on November 17 and Hong Kong, China. The scene reached its peak. Some extremists also showed slogans, banners and gestures insulting the mainland to live footage.

FIFA later fined the Hong Kong Football Association 5,000 Swiss francs for Hong Kong fans booing the Chinese national anthem and Hong Kong fans deliberately throwing sundries on the pitch, warning that it would face more severe penalties if it did so again.

On November 14, 2017, in the Asian Cup qualifying match of 2019, Hong Kong, China, played Lebanon at home. At the same time, there was a huge boo at the National Anthem Playing Ceremony, which proved to be the result of Hong Kongs home fans. The Hong Kong Football Association was fined another $3,000 by the Asian Football Association for this matter.

Now, its happening again. Many Hong Kong netizens are furious: its a shame to be international!

Others are crying out that it is time for Hong Kong to implement the National Anthem Law as soon as possible.

The Government of Hong Kong published the National Anthem Bill in January this year and submitted it to the Legislative Council for the first reading, but so far it has not been able to legislate formally. Four offences are listed in the draft, which refers to the imposition of penalties for public and intentional insults to the national anthem. Upon conviction, a maximum fine of HK$50,000 and three yearsimprisonment will be imposed.

These crimes include:

1. Anyone who intends to insult the National Anthem openly and intentionally tampers with the lyrics or the score of the national anthem, or sings the National Anthem in a distorted and derogatory way;

2. Anyone who publicly or intentionally insults the National Anthem in any way;

3. Anyone who intends to insult the National Anthem intentionally publishes tampered lyrics or scores of the national anthem, or sings the National Anthem in a distorted and derogatory way;

4. Anyone who intends to insult the National Anthem intentionally publishes the situation of insulting the National Anthem in any way.

In response to the issue of booing the national anthem on the court, the draft also proposes to extend the prosecution time limit to one year after the date when the police found or learned about the crime, or two years after the date of committing the crime, in order to effectively enforce the law.

The irony is that last night, Ixon, a Newly Naturalized Chinese football player, took the initiative to sing the national anthem and then wore the national flag to interact with the audience. Two next contrast, the mainland netizens immediately sigh.

Source: Guo Ping_B7442, Responsible Editor of Observer Network