Teachers in Hong Kongs colleges and universities wear black clothes and helmet masks. School response: misunderstanding

 Teachers in Hong Kongs colleges and universities wear black clothes and helmet masks. School response: misunderstanding

Who do you think of when you see the costumes of the people on the platform?

Thats right. Its the mob who recently devastated Hong Kong.

How many dressing characteristics do they have?

Wear black clothes, helmet, swine mouth protective mask...

They also have several behavioral characteristics:

Beat, smash, burn...

For example, beating the elderly_

Smashing police cars

Shaogang Railway Station_

Throw flasks at the police_

All kinds of atrocities emerge in endlessly.

It is for this reason that the photograph has aroused great controversy.

Some netizens uploaded pictures on Facebook recently, saying that this is a lesson given by a teacher of Hang Seng University in Hong Kong, but the exact time for the pictures to be taken is unknown.

From the photos, we can see that a person wearing black clothes, yellow helmet, eye mask and pig mouth anti-virus mask is teaching students in the classroom. A projection is projected behind him. In the upper right corner, it is written in English as Hang Seng School of Management (formerly known as Hong Kong Hengsheng University).

According to the latest reports from Hong Kong media, the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong has confirmed that it is indeed a faculty member.

However, in a statement yesterday (10 days), Hengda called it a misunderstanding.

Orange News said that Hengda issued a statement on the 10th that the teacher had contacted the school authorities to explain the photos of teachers wearing helmet and protective mask to teach. The teacher claimed that the costume was to cooperate with the classroom on Consumer Behavior Teaching issues, after a small break (Editors Note: break) to attract studentsattention and stimulate thinking about marketing behavior.

Hang Seng University also said that the teacher said he had clearly explained to his classmates the teaching purpose of his costume, the whole process lasted no more than five minutes, during which there was no mention of any political issues.

The report also said that the teachers involved apologized for the misunderstanding and promised to use teaching tools more appropriately in the future. Hengda will continue to follow up on relevant events.

What is misunderstanding?

This dress is also called misunderstanding?

For the explanation of the school and the teachers involved, the netizens obviously dont buy it.

Some netizens called out horror: black teachers are all-pervasive and blamed some universities in Hong Kong as hotbeds for mob breeding

Riot Training University! Terror, black teachers are all-pervasive

Another confirmation is that the origin of the mob, if not for the University lecturers, there are so many mobs, the university is the hotbed of the mob at all.

Some netizens said: Teachers should not transmit their political standpoints and ideology to students, otherwise they are brainwashed in disguise. Other netizens said: apart from politics, teachers should dress appropriately and should not dress so pompously.

Some people lament that there are such teachers in Hong Kong: is there any hope of supporting violence? A kind of

What teacher? How could there be such a teacher in Hong Kong? How can we teach students well? Is it really hopeless to support violence in Hong Kong?

What can a mindless person teach?

The mob is what you guys taught in class.

Hong Kongs Wen Hui Bao criticized in its report that Hong Kongs education sector should have been committed to providing a safe environment for students to attend classes, but now a few harmful horses are doing the opposite: bringing politics into the campus by all means, lest the world be free from chaos. Considering the recent social environment, this dress can cause others to feel uneasy or panic. If there is no reasonable reason to explain the behavior, the situation is unavoidable worrying.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284