The Great Earthquake depicts ordinary heroes by restoring the legendary desperate situation

 The Great Earthquake depicts ordinary heroes by restoring the legendary desperate situation

The Double Dilemma of Nature and Humanity Restores the Real Miracle of Survival of Tangshan Earthquake

The movie The Great Earthquake adapted from the real event of Self-rescue of more than 10,000 miners in Kailuan Coal Mine during the Tangshan Earthquake. Under the test of extreme environment, what kind of emotional collision will happen between the survivors who are in danger of extinction? The characters with distinct personality are fresh and active under the excellent interpretations of the actors, and the audience praises them unanimously. Zhang Pengju, the leader of the paradigm, the pursuit of freedom in particular, everyones name is the right person. The different characters also make the characters spark with each other. The audience said, In the face of difficulties, everyone will present the most real side, and the story goes deep into understanding that everyone hides the story. Such a miracle of survival is not only an inquiry into the limits of human body, but also a cruel test of human nature. No one is perfect, but there will always be someone who will let you sincerely send a sentence after watching the movie - A hero.

Only courage and kindness can overcome the touching and glorious moments of ordinary people.

At the beginning of the story of the movie The Great Earthquake, each character has no choice but to accept all the trifles of life in mediocrity. After shaking mountains for a while, the quiet life is suddenly broken, and the unknown stories are unfolded one by one under the pressure of the environment. Behind each character, there are many difficult words. As far as possible. Many audiences after watching the Great Earthquake said that the reversal is continuous, in addition to the story, more is in the sigh of the role of the three-dimensional image. Zhang Pengju, played by Cao Weiyu, seems indestructible, but is tormented day and night by the choice of family and responsibility. Guilt keeps a secret about life. The role model played by Zhang Zhaolin has the characteristics of the times. The transformation of the characters has touched many audiences. At the beginning, he hated him, but he is only a microcosm of the times. Although he has shortcomings and shortcomings, he is a hero.

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