Developer fracture price sales per square meter up to nearly 10,000 yuan!

 Developer fracture price sales per square meter up to nearly 10,000 yuan!


Among the top 10 housing enterprises, Hengdas sales target completion rate is 46.97%.

The sales target completion rate of Poly Development is 50.52%.

Rongchuang Chinas sales target completion rate is 38.94%.

The achievement rate of China Real Estate Sales Target is the highest among 25 housing enterprises, 59.4%.

The target of New Town Holdings was 45.34%.

The completion rate of China Resources is close to 50% and 49.5%.

Longhu completed 48.01% of its annual target in the first half of the year.

Under the background of the tightening of real estate financing, it has become the most realistic means for many real estate enterprises to expect gold, nine silver and ten housing sales to recover funds and repay debts to survive. Therefore, in recent years, there have been continuous news of price reduction promotion and full-staff marketing of housing enterprises.

According to China Securities Network, a large real estate company recently reissued the National Day preferential policies, but also a national discount of more than 800 projects up to 6%, friends who want to buy a house can send staff discounts propaganda, frequent Wechat circle of friends.

According to the interface report, another real estate company from Guangzhou started full-staff marketing in China, requiring ordinary employees to sell 1 suite per person, 2 suites for managers and general directors, 4 Suites for general directors and more, and 6 Suites for vice presidents by January 15, 2020.

With the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day coming one after another, the discount promotion activities of major housing enterprises and real estate may be more intensive. As for the buyers, when they see the price of the real estate reduced, they begin to struggle whether they should prepare to start or continue to wait and see for the arrival of greater preferences.

Sales Promotion of Residential Houses at 10,000 yuan per square metre

According to the China Securities News, many large and medium-sized developers in Beijing have launched various promotional activities. Among them, a leading housing enterprise of a high-end residential project per square metre price reduction of up to nearly 10,000 yuan, the total price reduction of about 1.1 million yuan. The sales manager of the building said, The hardbound houses quoted by foreign investors for 75,000 yuan per square metre can be sold below 68,000 yuan per square metre according to the actual situation of customerspurchase. Delivery of decoration standard is about 10,000 yuan per square metre, which is close to cost price after price reduction. As for the reasons for the price reduction, the manager was frank about the downturn and wanted to speed up the repayment by lowering the price.

Every Xiaobian (micro-signal: nbdnews) noticed that in recent months, the cold real estate market transactions are one of the reasons for developers to reduce prices and promote sales. According to the data previously released by the National Bureau of Statistics, as of July 2019, the sales area of commercial residential buildings in China was 77.756.9 million square meters, down 0.4% compared with the same period last year. Meanwhile, the cumulative growth rate of commercial residential sales has been declining for three consecutive months.

Where are house prices falling?

Zhuge Data Research Center selected 50 regional price changes as data samples, selected the regional standard as the active area of intra-city transactions, and calculated the price rise rate of 50 urban areas in late August (33-34 weeks) and early August (31-32 weeks). According to the report, due to the limited supply of land in the central urban areas of big cities and the concentration of new housing supply in the suburbs of large and medium-sized cities, there is much room for price reduction; in 2019, the third and fourth-tier cities were affected by the weakening of shelter reform and supply peak, and the market began to weaken, with both volume and price dropping.

According to the above-mentioned report, price reduction is not a common phenomenon. Prices are still rising in the central urban areas of big cities, industrial parks and the three or four-tier cities around large and medium-sized cities. As for the range of price reduction, buyers should be treated rationally, and there will be no significant price reduction. As for whether major housing enterprises will further increase the rate of price reduction, we still need to observe the market transactions in September.

Recently, the central bank decided to reduce the reserve requirement ratio of financial institutions by 0.5 percentage points on September 16, while lowering the target of city commercial banks operating only in provincial administrative areas by 1 percentage point. Whenever the benchmark is lowered, many people focus their imagination on stimulating the housing market. However, the central bank did not say that the main purpose of this reduction is to reduce the financing costs of real enterprises and support the development of real economy. Therefore, the impact of this reduction on the property market is very limited. Currently, the real estate industry is still in a period of high pressure, and the regulatory authorities will restrict the newly released funds to enter the property market. For example, on October 10, the 21st Century Economic Report said that regulators were strictly checking the inflow of credit card funds into the real estate market, including domestic real estate businesses, real estate related deed taxes and so on.

According to China Economic Network, market participants generally believe that under the current policy situation, real estate development enterprises have a tight capital chain and need to promote the withdrawal of funds. September and October are also the traditional buying season. Developing enterprises also want to use this time to increase sales, so the supply will increase. Then, for those who do need the first house or need to improve their sex needs, maybe they can find a satisfactory house in the meantime.

China Index Research Institute also indicated that, affected by many factors such as tightening industry policy, rising interest rates on mortgages, overdraft demand and so on, the real estate market at this stage has strong wait-and-see sentiment, the effect of sales promotion strategy is not obvious, the downward pressure of the market is still large, and the possibility of a substantial increase in transactions is not obvious.

It is worth mentioning that, with the proposal of housing is not speculated, the implementation of real estate regulation policy, and the peoples purchase of houses tends to be rational, in recent years, gold nine silver ten has not been too lively.

100 billion debt repayments in the past two months

In the past few years, large-scale debt issuance and financing of housing enterprises, the debt that housing enterprises need to repay when they are due has reached a small peak this year, and the scale that they need to repay in the next few years is expected to become larger and larger.

In terms of the maturity of domestic bond issuance, according to the statistics of corporate bonds, corporate bonds, promissory notes and short-term financial bonds, Wind data shows that at least 721 real estate bonds will be due or paid in advance in 2019, and the total amount to be repaid is expected to reach 508.927 billion yuan. If there are some bonds that need to be repossessed in advance in the later period, the total amount of money that housing enterprises need to repay this year will be larger. Among them, the local state-owned enterprises and private enterprises need to repay a larger scale, while the rest of the nature of the enterprise repayment is slightly smaller.

Data source: Wind

Compared with the previous two years, 544 bonds matured in 2018, with a repayment amount of 388.73 billion yuan; only 280 bonds were repaid in 2017, with a repayment amount of 117.543 billion yuan. By contrast, the real estate industry has witnessed a rapid increase in debt servicing in recent years, and the small peak of debt servicing in 2019 has undoubtedly come.

But in the past eight months, real estate companies have paid well as a whole, and the number of bond defaults is small. And in the next two months, the scale of housing companies to pay is still large. Wind data show that the total amount of repayment in the remaining four months of this year is 143 billion yuan. Most of them are in September and October, and nearly 100 billion yuan is required to be paid in two months, while the amount of repayment is relatively small in the last two months of the end of the year.

In addition to buying houses to recall funds, some housing companies are ready to borrow new to pay back the old. Taihe Group, a Fujian developer, announced yesterday that it would sell US dollar bonds with an interest rate of 11.25% after issuing a US dollar bond with an interest rate of 15% two months ago.

The bond term of Taihe Groups $100 million bond is 364 days, with an annual coupon of 11.25%, which is paid every six months. The fund raised is used for domestic project construction and other general enterprises.