On the eve of Mid-Autumn Fei Tian Maotai to cool down! The batch price dropped sharply to around 2400 yuan.

 On the eve of Mid-Autumn Fei Tian Maotai to cool down! The batch price dropped sharply to around 2400 yuan.

Shenzhen 2400 yuan, Nanchang 2500 yuan, Zhengzhou 2400 yuan, Chengdu 2400 yuan... This is todays (11) Feitian Maotai prices throughout the country.

On September 1, Guizhou Provincial Market Regulatory Bureau issued a document entitled Notice of Guizhou Provincial Market Regulatory Bureau on Public Collection of Illegal and Illegal Clues in Maotai Liquor Market Area (No. 103, 2019) in order to crack down severely on various illegal and illegal acts that disturb the market order of Maotai Liquor and maintain a good market order (Guizhou Province). The Bureau of Market Supervision solicits clues from all walks of life and the broad masses of the people on illegal and illegal activities in the Maotai liquor market.

1. The scope of clue collection includes:

(1) Illegal and irregular acts of hoarding and curiosity, driving up prices, increasing prices, transferring sales and illegal tying sales in Maotai liquor market;

(2) Illegal acts of infringing and selling counterfeit Maotai liquor;

(3) Malicious purchasing and selling of Maotai liquor for improper interests of the selling units and individuals;

(5) Other illegal and illegal acts that disrupt the order of Maotai liquor market.

Some industry observers pointed out that the first and fourth measures in the document were more effective, which greatly promoted the regulation of Maotai liquor market, effectively deterred speculators in the market, and successfully curbed the soaring price of Feitian Maotai in the Mid-Autumn season, which was in line with the interests of consumers.

Ten days after the document was issued, did the market react? Whats the price of Feitian Maotai? Does it trigger a chain reaction?

This morning, the winemakers surveyed a batch of Maotai liquor prices all over the country and obtained the following important information: Shenzhen 2400 yuan, Nanchang 2500 yuan, Zhengzhou 2400 yuan, Chengdu 2500 yuan, Guangzhou 2600 yuan, Beijing 2600 yuan... The market price of Maotai reached 3200 yuan at its peak.

It is an indisputable fact that the price of Maotai liquor has fallen back. According to the feedback from the market level, the price of Maotai liquor in Hangzhou market dropped by 100 yuan only yesterday, while dealers in Sichuan, Anhui, Hunan, Guangdong, Xian and other markets reacted, this trend may continue.

Influenced by major festivals, the prices of pork and other necessities for peoples livelihood are also falling. And the price of Feitian Maotai in Beijing market has indeed been lowered, which is around 2400 yuan at present. In the investigation, some securities people who have followed Maotai in Guizhou for a long time said to the liquor journalists.

It is understood that there is always a distinction between bulk and piece goods in the market of a batch of Maotai liquor, and the prices obtained by the above-mentioned winemakers are piece goods prices at the dealer level.

The highest batch price of Feitian Maotai in Beijing market is 2600 yuan in the early period. At present, the price of Beijing area is 2400 yuan, and the price of mass shipment is 2400-2450 yuan, with a decline of 150-200 yuan. Although there have been some declines, Maotai has better investment attributes and stronger gift attributes, which also reflects better resilience. The person responded that the price of Feitian Maotai in Beijing is still strong, and the 2400 yuan shipment is still in Beijing.

Other industry analysts believe that the core reason for the larger decline in Feitian Maotai is that before the Mid-Autumn Festival, all channels began to release goods and supply increased. Some people in the market believe that after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the price of Maotai liquor may fall. Therefore, the current market demand is affected by multiple factors, such as price reduction expectations and weak investment attributes. Larger.

Today, there are many rumors on the internet. Some say that Maotai in the hands of Beijing cattle has greatly reduced its price. Others say that Maotai has increased its supply and price control has been smoothed well before the Mid-Autumn Festival. Kaisheng Liquor believes that at present, the price of high-end liquor has risen rapidly in the early stage, but it does not mean that the demand for high-end liquor has been met. This is just the increase in volatility after the excessive rise in share prices and terminal prices.

Why is the price of Maotai so important? Maotai liquor is the price vane of the whole high-end liquor. The price drop of Maotai liquor will inevitably affect Wuliangye and Luzhou Laojiao. Because the difference between the ex-factory price and the terminal price of Maotai is the largest, price reduction does not affect the profitability of Maotai and the shortage of supply and demand. Wuliangye and Luzhou Laojiao enjoy the spillover effect brought by the shortage of supply and demand in Maotai.

Some brokers believe that the main reasons for the short-term price decline in Maotai are as follows: 1. Manufacturers require 18% of the quota in July and August to be shipped in accordance with 1499; 2. The short-term batch price fluctuates slightly from the second half of last week to September, but it remains firm and the range of callback is limited. Previous 2600-2700 batch price shipment is less, there is no market price, 2400-2580 price is relatively more real. Feedback from all regions showed that the sales of high-end liquor in the Mid-Autumn Festival were good and increased steadily year on year, which accorded with the current market expectations.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Liquor Industry: Wang Xiaowu_NF