Shanghai Disney Food Carriage Rules: Ban the whole watermelon durian, etc.

 Shanghai Disney Food Carriage Rules: Ban the whole watermelon durian, etc.

Foods that cannot be brought into the garden include (but are not limited to): instant noodles with heated water, food with self-heating function, watermelon (a whole watermelon that needs to be cut with a knife), durian, stinky tofu, etc.

Visitors will continue to be able to bring bottled water and drinks into the park. More than 50 direct drinking water supply points and more than 20 hot water supply points throughout the park will continue to provide free hot and cold water for visitors. Alcoholic beverages, cans and glass containers will still be banned from carrying into the gardens (except canned food for small infants). For those tourists who need to deposit their personal belongings which can not be brought into the park, the resort has launched a daily deposit service of 10 yuan per piece.

Visitors can enjoy their own food and drinks in the designated picnic area of the park, but they need to abide by the garbage classification criteria and jointly maintain a clean and tidy Park environment.

Visitors can also go to Disney Town, which offers a wide range of catering options. Disney Town is close to Shanghai Disneyland and has a series of famous restaurants. Passengers holding tickets to Shanghai Disneyland can leave and return to the park at any time, many times on the day of the park without additional charges. Visitors can enter the park again after dining in Disney Town.

According to the relevant laws and regulations and the guidance of government departments, all tourists and their carry-on baggage must be inspected before entering Shanghai Disneyland. Tourists need to follow the instructions of the performers to conduct safety inspection procedures. All personal carry-on baggage must be checked and all tourists need to go through metal detectors.

Bao Zhaotian said that ensuring the safety of all tourists and actors is the first principle of all work in Shanghai Disneyland Resort. The safety inspection procedures of the resort are based on the 60 years of operation experience of Disneyland around the world, and similar safety inspection procedures are carried out every day at each Disney resort destination.

In the future, the resort will further optimize the security inspection process by means of security inspection equipment such as X-ray machines and assistant manual services.

Articles not allowed to be brought into the park include (but are not limited to): inflammable and explosive articles; weapons of any type; simulated weapons or toy guns; foods requiring heating, reheating, processing, refrigeration or heat preservation, and foods with irritating odors; alcoholic beverages; canned or glass containers; sizes exceeding 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm Luggage, containers or luggage; carts and wheeled conveyors; playful equipment with pulleys; large professional photography, camera equipment and other related tools; large tripods, folding chairs and stools; animals; articles prohibited by relevant laws and other dangerous or destructive items.

For safety reasons, individual handbags, parcels or other items may not be brought into the park. For unattended items, the resort will be properly handled.

Visitors will be reminded to read the parks instructions before buying tickets from various official ticketing channels and platforms, including safety inspection requirements and items that cannot be brought into the park.