19-year-old volunteer complained of sexual assault New Zealand Labor Party Chairman resigned to the Prime Minister

 19-year-old volunteer complained of sexual assault New Zealand Labor Party Chairman resigned to the Prime Minister

BEIJING, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) -- New Zealands Labour Party has been caught up in a sexual assault scandal in the past period of time. Many women complained that they had been sexually assaulted by a Labour Party employee, but the Labour Party investigation team and the party chairman did not take any action against the employees involved in sexual assault. On the afternoon of November 11, local time, Labour Party Chairman Nigel Howard presented his resignation to New Zealand Prime Minister Aden.

Source: New Zealand Prime Minister Adrian.

Reported that Aden, also a leader of the Labour Party, said in Congress on November 11 that she had seen those very painful reports in the past 48 hours. She said that the injuries had been caused and that the Labour Party was not able to deal with them.

This morning, I received some letters from the complainer (suspected sexual assailant) a few months ago, Aden said in a statement. The allegations in the letter are very serious, causing additional pain to the complaint, and in my opinion, the Labour Party has never properly dealt with this issue.

Aden said that Howard and three members of the investigation team who heard the victims allegations insisted that they had never seen or heard testimony about sexual assault. When the reporter asked her if she was disappointed, she said, No. I need to act on what I see. I did it.

Asked if the incident had harmed Labour, Aden said it was not Labour that was being talked about, but those who had received complaints.

Source: New Zealand Prime Minister Adrian.

Aden said that she discussed these letters with Party Chairman Howard in the morning of November 11, and Howard still insisted that he and the investigation team were unaware of sexual assault complaints.

Later, Howard said in a statement that I will resign as Chairman of the Labour Party and take effect immediately. I have come to the conclusion that no matter what the outcome of the appeal process is, new leadership is needed to make recommendations on the process, he said in a statement.

Aden said the sexual assault charges were incredible and on behalf of the Labour Party, I apologize to the petitioner for the way it was handled. She said she also hoped to meet the petitioner, if they want.

Reportedly, the incident stems from a complaint by several women against a Labour Party employee. A 19-year-old volunteer said she had been sexually assaulted by a Labour employee and had complained to Howard and the investigation team orally and by email. When she heard Howard and others deny receiving her complaint, she called Labour cowardly.

Another complaint said that he had also informed Howard of the womans allegations of sexual assault.

Allegedly, the Labour Party investigation team launched an investigation into seven complaints, but decided in July that no disciplinary action would be taken against the staff involved.

The source said that Labour had asked Wilson, a party lawyer, to review the investigation procedure. Lawyers for the staff involved said the charges were groundless.

The employee reportedly agreed to leave Congress five weeks ago, but complaints said they saw him in Congress. Earlier, an open letter purportedly from members of the Labour Party had been calling for Howards resignation, but until 11 this month he said he would wait for the results of the review and not announce his resignation until he had talked with Aden.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Zhou Xinyi_NB12002