Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Official Game Works Mario & Sonic AT 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Game Information Wave 3 Open

 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Official Game Works Mario & Sonic AT 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Game Information Wave 3 Open

The paddle-operated boat with blades (webs) at both ends is a one-to-one competition.

The operation only needs to rotate (L) rocker, anyone can play intuitively. Turn (L) rocker 1 turn to start! If the timing is right, it will make a start sprint. In the first half of the alignment slot, the rotation of the rocker can be accelerated in the best time zone shown on the alignment slot.

Introduction to Competitive Events [Tokyo Competitive Event 400-meter Hurdle 1964

Competitive events that span the 10 hurdles set on the 400-meter track to the finish line.

Opening up your energy at the right time at the start can give you a sprint. When the time is right to cross the railings, you can rush after landing.

A competitive event in which a gun is fired at a parabolic flying UFO target.

The operation is very simple, only need to use L rocker and A key.

First, press the A key to send out the call signal and release the UFO. Use L rocker to control the aiming position, press A key to launch the remaining bullets. The number of flying saucers hit will be counted directly as scores, and the winner with the highest score will win after all shootings are completed.

In the first half of the shooting, each hit will increase the prescribed time, and in the final reward shooting will continue to release flying saucers, which is a good opportunity to win a large number of points. The key to success is to increase the required time as much as possible to enter the reward shooting link.

Introduction to Competitive Events [Tokyo Competitive Event Long Jump 1964

Introduction to Competitive Events [1964 Tokyo Competitive Event Horse Vaulting

It is one of the gymnastics events. It springs up on the vaulting horse and competes with other sports such as rolling and rotating to score points.

After choosing the difficulty, the competitive events begin. Strike the A key to run up, press the A key to take off at the position of the aiming slot on the take-off board, and input instructions in the air to make action. Finally, at the right time, press the A key to determine the score.

What is Mario & Sonic AT2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Malio & Sonic AT2020 Tokyo Olympics is the latest Olympic game co-starred by Nintendos Malio and Segas Sonic. In addition to anyone who can simply experience the fun of the game button operation, you can also use Nintendo Switchs Joy-Con function to use the sensory operation to play the game.

In addition, this book contains new elements of story mode. Not only the 2020 Tokyo Athletics Project, but also the nostalgic 1964 Tokyo Athletics Project with the theme of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, as well as various other small games, is a rich sports game.

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