These details are enough to see if a person loves you or not.

 These details are enough to see if a person loves you or not.

As people in love, they do not want to be in pairs all the time: wearing lovers clothes, keeping dogs belonging to two people, and also want to name the dog Luen.

It is such a simple detail to name a dog by both names that people are so jealous that they can only exclaim: What kind of immortal love is this? Whoever calls Luen seems to remind the other party that I love you.

Such sweet and sweet details can be found everywhere in the process of their getting along with each other.

Zhang Ming-en would call Xu Lu in the morning and gently wake up. He would ask Xu Lus opinions on what clothes he was wearing.

When she was in the car, she wanted to help her fasten her seat belt.

When the elevator doors were closed, they were still reluctant to leave.

He would make fried noodles and let Xu Lu put sauce in. Xu Lu was laughed out of the hot oil and cried goose, but he had not forgotten to tie an apron to him.

These are not special things. They are as sparse and common as people have to eat and sleep. But they always prove that they love each other very much.

I envied him and thought of a little detail about my husband the other day.

He married for three years. Recently, because of the double pressures of work and life, the number of times we have been in trouble has obviously increased. I even decided that the man had changed his heart and no longer loved me. Until he inadvertently saw his memo, the summary of his daily work or the end of his plan, all recorded the little things we got along with.

Todays wedding anniversary, too busy to remember to buy gifts for my wife, the wife cried, I should not have.

My wife created a new dish for dinner tonight. Its very delicious. Shes really good!

Tonight, the game was played too late. My wife angrily went to the childrens room to sleep and ignored me.

There are many similar records, just what we did together today, how he made me angry, what I did, what he was touched by, and other trivial things, more than 30 people, but like a big boy writing a love diary.

It only takes two or three minutes to write a memo, but the little things I do at random make me really feel that he loves me and cares about all my joys and sorrows.

Our hearts are actually very small, loaded with mountain pressures at work and trifles in life, it is easy to forget love, need to be reminded from time to time: we are still in love.


Sometimes love comes from details, sometimes it loses to details.

An interesting dialogue like this is included in the Selected Communication of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchaou2014u2014

Zhou: Your letter is too official to say you miss me.

Deng: The Premier is a busy man. How can I miss him?

In those days, there were no flowers, no diamond rings, no vows. In order to separate the two places for the revolution, we had to rely on correspondence to maintain our feelings, but a gentle dont say miss me was enough to prove everything.

Whether we are busy or not, we should leave a place to miss each other.

But also separated two places, but friends are not so lucky, long-distance love broke up, the fuse is because of a heavy rain.

One day when she came home from work, it rained heavily. She hid under the eaves and watched people coming and going. She was a little sad, so she sent a message to her boyfriend: Im tired, it rained heavily, and even no umbrella carrier.

Originally just a little sigh, her boyfriend returned to her: Wouldnt you buy an umbrella somewhere nearby by yourself?

Looking at the information, tears can not stop, so many years of accumulated grievances all rush to the heart, and ultimately led to the breakup.

What she cares about is not whether there is an umbrella or no place to buy it. She just wants to listen to a warm word on this annoying rainy day.

Have little, but worry about losing at any time. Talk about two peoples love, but always a person.

Uncertainty about the future, worries about temptations that may arise at any time, and deep yearning for the other half are hopeful but unavailable. Its a bright future, but its a long way to go.

When you are sad, a word or two of encouragement and a few messages of concern will get through.

And if your heart is not with me, the details will tell me.


Romantic stories abound, and detailed memories deepen.

Our deepest memories of a person are often not earth-shaking events, but rather trivial details that have touched you in the eyes of outsiders.

Maybe its his umbrella shift to your side. Maybe its his accidental taste of hot and cold when he passes the cup. Maybe he carefully breaks the bigger granules in half when he catches a cold.

But whatever it is, these little things will make each others memories better and more important.

When the little prince recalled his roses, he said, Of course, my roses may be the same as yours in the eyes of a passer-by. But for me, just one of her is more important than all of you, because I watered her with water, covered her with a cover, covered her with a screen, and she is the same person I used in addition to caterpillars (leaving two or three to become butterflies).

It was the time he spent on his roses that made her so important.

Before you fall in love, you are no different from any one in the crowd. It is precisely when the innumerable trifles in your relationship come together that our memories begin to grow thick and you will be different.

There is a couple in the United States, Rosemary and Francis Klontz, who met in ninth grade and started wearing couples clothes on their date until they got married and they wore them for 68 years.

The wife has been responsible for their clothes since their marriage, and the husband is willing to follow his wifes advice in dressing. For the past 68 years, all the clothes in their wardrobe have matched one by one.

Hand in hand, look at the wardrobe full of couplesclothes, the number will change, the style will change, the fact that they love each other has never changed.

Even if later life and death are separated, there are tears in the eyes, which is also a good memory worthy of a smile.


Love doesnt need much. A little detail is enough.

With the passage of time, passion fades, love tends to be flat, without detailed reminders, soon drowned in the triviality of life.

As a result, many love has not reached the marriage stage. In addition to the practical reasons, it also lost in details.

In the ordinary relationship, he treats you sincerely, year after year details will not lie, real love, are hidden in details.

When asked why he chose his spouse, Sakai answered this question:

There are many reasons for deciding to get married. When we are together, he makes me laugh uncontrollably. The touching and unacceptable standards are very similar. The outlook on money and values are the same, and he is very gentle. When we open the refrigerator door, he closes it easily.

If you meet the man who takes care of all the details for you, he will open the refrigerator and shut it down, so you can marry him.

After all, the worlds romantic stories happen every day, but there are few memories of the person who cares for all the details and the wonderful memories he created for you.

Love doesnt need to be great. A little detail is enough.

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