Inviting your supervisor to dinner is a technical activity. Keep in mind the five steps and three sentences, and take good care of people and be reused.

 Inviting your supervisor to dinner is a technical activity. Keep in mind the five steps and three sentences, and take good care of people and be reused.

Mature workers no longer pursue big Huolong and delicious food, but pay more attention to who to eat with and what bureau (purpose), pay attention to safety and comfort, do not want to cause trouble, and do not want to be unhappy.

So, before you invite guests, report on your own initiative. Whats the purpose? Who was invited? Regarding the purpose of the invitation, dont be frank. You said that I asked you to do something, and no supervisor would like to attend. As for inviting people, it is important to avoid the presence of inappropriate people at the same time.

Dont wait for your supervisor to ask you, but explain in advance when you are invited. For example, my boss, last time you helped me, Im especially grateful for inviting you to have a casual meal to express my gratitude. I dont have enough weight. Im afraid I cant accompany you. Im going to invite somebody to accompany me. Do you think its OK?

[2] The etiquette of subordinates inviting their superiors to dinner.

When subordinates invite their superiors to dinner, they will feel that you have a purpose, not only for the purpose of communicating feelings, but also for the sake of something. As a supervisor, it is also necessary for him to be cautious.

As a supervisor, there are five main points to ask you what your purpose is and what your guests are.

One is to see if there are any unwilling people. It is necessary to avoid embarrassment and other unpleasant things such as drinking too much alcohol and conflict. You have to do your homework well in advance, and dont invite people who are usually in conflict at the same time. Or, you can ask your supervisor in advance and Ill invite you to dinner. Would you like to see who is more suitable to call for your company?

Thirdly, we should see if there are equal and superior participants. Subordinates invited out big cafe to support face, this is not a simple relationship, the face of the boss can not but give, of course, the boss is also willing to contact the superiors. Dont invite too many people at the same time, otherwise you cant highlight the position of your superior.

Fourth, to see if subordinates are inviting friends to wear needles and threads to avoid eating short mouths. Dont pretend to be a bureaucrat for your superior. Inviting your superior to have dinner and actually asking your friends to ask questions will make your superior very unhappy. If you want to show up for your friends, its better to tell your superior in advance, I have a small, especially good relationship, he wants to know you, ask you to do something, you see if you can reward me a face. Supervisors think this can be done, and usually give you face.

Fifth, to judge whether subordinates have expressed (sent Li). You want to take the opportunity to express your heart to your supervisor. You have to say, Ill invite you alone this time, no outsiders. Have a few drinks and report on your work. The boss knows right away that you need to take the opportunity to express yourself.

[3] The etiquette of inviting people to dinner between levels.

Remember three sentences: first sentence, purpose. I invited a couple of buddies to have dinner. There was nothing else. I just wanted to relax. The second sentence is personnel. I called XXX and whoever, whoever, whoever, no outsider, is a brothers drink. Things come together in groups. Third, who do you want to call and respect the opinions of the invitees?

[4] The etiquette of inviting a superior to have dinner with a subordinate.

Supervisors invite their subordinates to dinner. What etiquette is there? This is to look up to you. Generally, there are three kinds of situations: first, the superiors also want to deepen their feelings with their subordinates, win over the hearts and minds of the people, and consolidate the relationship. Secondly, the superiors should arrange tasks for their subordinates and lend them wine to encourage them. Third, the superiors let the subordinates do private affairs, which is inconvenient to say explicitly, and can be handed over to you through meals.

[5] The basic skills of inviting your supervisor to dinner.

Invite your supervisor to have dinner. This is technology. You must understand the mentality of your supervisor and take three steps:

In the second sentence, who participated? Mr. Wang, I have a limited amount of wine. Im afraid I cant accompany you. Im going to invite Zhang Sanli, Four Kings and Five to accompany me. Do you think I can? Who else do you think you need to call for?

Third sentence, time, place, taste and other specific matters. Mr. Wang, Id like to make it Friday, Saturday, Sunday evening. Which day would be convenient for you? Or when are you free? Which hotel do you like? I recommend this new restaurant. Its said to be very distinctive. Is that OK?

As a subordinate, according to this trilogy, you disclose the main information to your superior in advance, which is very appropriate and polite. Let your supervisor have a good idea, lighten the psychological burden, and participate happily, so as to achieve your purpose of inviting guests. The last thing to emphasize is not to ask for anything while drinking or eating, but to talk about personal matters in his office afterwards. Otherwise, it will put pressure on his superiors and make them feel uncomfortable and lose the meaning of inviting guests to eat.