Meeting Happiness: If a man makes rules before he falls in love, dont think you can change him.

 Meeting Happiness: If a man makes rules before he falls in love, dont think you can change him.

In other words, she started with the idea of changing the man, but failed after all.

She wanted to marry him, but he was unmarried. And this rule of unmarried doctrine must be made by men before they fall in love, and women should accept this rule before they begin to fall in love.

Unfortunately, the girl thought that as long as she was together, she could change her rules. She probably thought she was in good shape, had a beautiful face, was capable of anything, and was excellent in all aspects, so she could not believe that she could not change his mind.

When you fall in love with me deeply, you will surely become my captive, change your mind for me and give up the idea of unmarried doctrine for me.

However, when she was in love with him for a long time, and could not wait for his proposal and change, she summoned up the courage to send him flowers. When she prepared the ring in public to reverse his proposal, what she heard was a heartbreaking voice, a situation of utter disappointment.

She asked him, Honey, can I marry you? His face was awkward, and although he could not bear it, he was rejected by the public.

The reason for his refusal is, of course, the statement before love: I cant marry you because I said before love that I am unmarried...

At such times, it is useless not to ask questions with all ones heart. If a man wants to change his mind and principles for you, he usually wont take too long, and he wont drag it to the point where you force him to do the opposite.

So the end, can only be love can not be talked about, but can stop. The girl swept the floor in front of the crowd, crept into the strangers car and cried, but could not sympathize with her.

Because its really her own fault, if a man didnt talk about it when he first fell in love with her, it would be a deception to say that he was not married.

Those who think they can handle each other, can conquer, can change each others psychology, will most likely eventually fail, will regret, or even if they do not regret falling in love with him, eventually will be very sad.

This sadness is not only the reluctance to lose that person, but also the denial of self, doubts, think that they are not enough charm? Is it not worthy of him? Otherwise, why would he not compromise or revise the principles for himself?

Maybe you change the object, in other peoples eyes is an angel is a goddess, but in his place, you are very ordinary, you can like, but not love to give up principles for you, not to love you to make major changes for you.

If you refuse to fall in love with him because of his rules and refuse to start with him, he wont feel much sad or regrettable.

Therefore, before meeting this kind of love, we should first talk to you about the conditions. The so-called ugly words come to the fore kind still needs to be taken seriously to listen to. If we cant accept the rules he put forward at the moment, then dont start easily.

Having a lucky heart together, I feel that I can change the other side, mostly because of such overconfidence and disappointment. Although there are also cases where people change their feelings after being together, they are relatively rare.

On this issue, it is better not to be too confident. Otherwise, for many years together, what you want is eternity, marriage or form, while the other party has no intention of being bound by you.

Later, the woman could not afford to delay and wait, and began to press for marriage, perhaps insecure, or to have children with him.

But the other party will still pull out the original rule to push you away, and even break up with you immediately, in order to break up the idea that you continue to force him to change for you.