Netease God sent you full marks of Mid-Autumn Festival custom paintings, 1888 reunion fund, etc.

 Netease God sent you full marks of Mid-Autumn Festival custom paintings, 1888 reunion fund, etc.

Netease will invite famous painters of the computer version of Dream Journey to the West, Yin and Yang Master, Qian Nu Ghost, Shendu Night Travel Record, Fifth Personality, After Tomorrow, Shore of the Land, Cat and Mouse and other games to draw the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion paintings for you, bringing you together in your paintings and enjoying them together. Juan!

The participants included Star Show and Huahu Painting Birch in the computer edition circle of Dream Journey to the West; HOI Song in the circle of Shendu Night Travel Record; ver2 in the circle of Fifth Personality for 5,000 years, Miaojun Eno, Meat Roll is octopus; and Yin-Yang Master circle of Shanjianzi Jiushu has entered the game of Yi Dashen. A circle of well-known painters. Opportunities are rare. Quickly pick up your favorite painter. I wish you a reunion photo of Mid-Autumn Festival. Enter the Netease God APP, and enjoy more exquisite works of well-known painters in the game circle.~

Monopoly Cash Benefits Over the Mountains, Overseas and TA Reunion

In addition to the Mid-Autumn reunion painting, Netease God also prepared cash benefits for the Mid-Autumn Festival! On September 13, God will randomly select a lucky player from all the participants in the Mid-Autumn Festival and TA reunion activities, and send out the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion fund worth 1888 yuan to send you to see the TA you miss most.~

Everyone is polite in the Mid-Autumn Festival.

A successful Mid-Autumn Festival requires everyone to be polite! All users of Dashen who participate in the topic activities can get a limited picture frame of Dashen Mid-Autumn Festival. Come and get your Mid-Autumn Festival.

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