As soon as Bolton left, the possibility of war in the world declined.

 As soon as Bolton left, the possibility of war in the world declined.

Bolton. Source: CNN

WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 (Xinhua News Agency) - U.S. President Trump announced on Sept. 10 that John Bolton, assistant to Presidents National Security Affairs, had resigned at his request. Bolton became the third Presidents National Security Assistant to leave Trumps post.

Analysts believe that with the departure of hawk Bolton, the Trump Administrations foreign policy may be more mouth and less hands-on.

Why was it fired?

The main reason for Boltons departure was his disagreement with Trump, the boss. Trump, in his tweet on the 10th, said frankly that, like the rest of the government, he strongly disagreed with many of Boltons proposals. White House spokesman later said Trump and Bolton were out of step on many issues.

Over the past few months, the differences between Trump and Bolton on Iran, the DPRK nuclear issue and Venezuela have become increasingly evident. Bolton had always wanted to talk with his fists, but Trump was reluctant to use military options. He also recently offered to meet unconditionally with Irans president and twice with North Koreas top leader, Kim Jong-un, which are at odds with Bolton.

Some American media believe that the last straw to end the guest-host relationship may be the recent peace talks between the United States and the Taliban in Afghanistan. According to US media reports, Bolton has been lobbying Trump last week not to sign any peace agreement with the Taliban, which has upset Trump. CNN reported that the two men had a dispute over the planned invitation of Taliban representatives to Camp David on the evening of 9, which eventually led to Trumps request for Boltons resignation.

However, Bolton has a different story about his fired. He said publicly after Trump that he had taken the initiative to resign rather than be fired.

Whats expected of leaving?

Trumps sudden fire of Bolton really caught everyone off guard. In the White Houses 10-day calendar for the media, it was also written that Bolton would attend a press conference that afternoon with Secretary of State Pompeo and Finance Minister Mnuchin.

But it is not particularly surprising that Boltons departure from office is more like another boot landing. Some American media even have the theme Its amazing that Bolton can survive up to now.

In April last year, Trump used the remarkable Fox News Channel commentator to replace the well-behaved Lieutenant General McMaster. Some media commented that Trump seemed to see his own shadow on Bolton at that time: he was open-mouthed, disgusted with multilateral international agencies such as the United Nations, opposed the Iranian nuclear agreement, questioned the allegations of Russias interference in the U.S. general election by the U.S. intelligence community. Bolton has repeatedly expressed its unconditional support for Trumps ruling philosophy. This led Trump to think that this is the person I want.

However, after taking office, Bolton has been sticking to his point of view, making Trump increasingly dissatisfied. Since the summer of this year, news of Boltons departure has been coming out. The New York Times quoted several sources as saying that Trump did not like Bolton and privately said that he had restrained Bolton, otherwise the United States might fall into more wars.

In addition, Boltons way of doing business is not popular with his colleagues. It has been reported that he and Pompeo and former U.S. Defense Secretary Matisse have had disputes over different diplomatic and political views.

Influencing Diplomatic Trend?

The Presidents National Security Assistant, together with the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense, is known as the Troika in the field of American security. Trump said he would announce Boltons successor next week. The post is temporarily represented by Charles Cooperman, Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.

Some analysts believe that with the hawk Bolton curtain call, the number of warmongers in the Trump administrations diplomatic team has decreased, and the risk that the United States will choose to solve the problem by force in the future has decreased.

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul said that with Boltons departure, there is an exponential decline in the likelihood of war worldwide.

Harry Kazianis, senior director of the Center for National Interests, a think tank for American public policy, believes that Trumps idea of Boltons successor should be one who does not seek to subvert the Iranian regime, is willing to reduce the U.S. military presence in the Middle East and supports dialogue with North Korea. In other words, its the same person as Trumps current goal.

Dan Mahafi, deputy director of the Center for American Presidential and Congressional Studies, told reporters that there is no doubt that there is only one voice that really matters in American foreign policy in the future - Trumps own voice. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Chen, Liu Yang, Liu Pinran)

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026