No 5G! Bath new apple is the most expensive 12699 yuan is also worth kidney cutting?

 No 5G! Bath new apple is the most expensive 12699 yuan is also worth kidney cutting?

Since 2012, Apple has released a new generation of iPhone smartphones every September. This years Apple Fall 2019 conference was held at the Steve Jobs Theater in California at 1 a.m. Beijing time (10 a.m. local time) on September 11, 2009.

In the third quarter of the conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced the release of new products. He disclosed that the rest of 2019 would be an exciting period, with all of Apples platforms, new services and some new products coming out in a blockbuster release.

Unlike previous years, this year for the first time, Apple is broadcasting this autumn event live on YouTube, IQI, Tencent, Youku, Dali and other video platforms. In addition, the public number of Apple Wechat will also provide live broadcasting in Chinese.

At the beginning, Apple was in the video, revealing the configurations of the new product: three cameras, TV+, a brand new iPad and AppleWatch... This is also consistent with the previous online news - this time three new iPhones will be released, the new machine will be matched with Bath Baby three cameras.

So, is New Apple exactly the same as the previous blockbuster? What are the new features of New Apple besides Three Photos? Following is the latest news of the press conference brought by Nandu journalists.

Without 5G, the new apple appeared as scheduled.

Tianmao told Nandu that in the past week, the number of search for the iPhone has increased dramatically, and the number of search for the iPhone 11 has risen the fastest, growing by more than 100%. Many people are consulting about the launch time and configuration of new iPhone products.

Before launching New Apple, Cook reviewed the launch of the iPhone XS, XSMax and XR last year and said that customer satisfaction had reached 99% of the industrys peak. The New Apple series has three models, namely, the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11Pro and the iPhone 11ProMax. There is no 5G version.

The iPhone 11 uses a 6.1-inch display, while the iPhone 11Pro series has two models. The size of the iPhone 11Pro is 5.8 inches, while the size of the iPhone 11ProMax is 6.5 inches. Both use OLED-based super retina screens with a contrast of 2 million:1 and a brightness of up to 1,200 nits. According to reports, the iPhone 11Pro is the first mobile phone named after Pro.

Overall, apart from the camera behind them, the design language of the three new models is almost identical to that of last year (familiar with the full-screen Liu Hai). This may also force Apple to think more about color matching -- the iPhone 11 has six color options, including purple, white, green, yellow, black and red. The iPhone 11Pro series has four color options, in addition to deep ash, silver and gold, there is a brand new midnight green. All three new phones support FaceID.

The iPhone 11 has six color options

Apart from the deep air ash, silver and gold, the iPhone 11Pro also has a brand new midnight green.

Camera upgrade is the most prominent feature of the current iPhone. Apple spent a considerable amount of time introducing its photographic performance. For example, the first appearance of the iPhone 11 camera is a 12-megapixel TrueDepth camera in front, a 12-megapixel long focus lens and a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens in rear, and the ultra-wide-angle camera supports 2-fold optical zoom. The iPhone 11 also adds a multi-scale tone mapping feature that allows different highlights to be processed according to different scenes. The upgrade of camera makes video recording more convenient. Users can record a video quickly by pressing the shutter button. They can also easily call the touch zoom wheel and use the dynamic range expansion function.

While the series of the iPhone 11Pro may be more well known to netizens, the previous exposure of the Bath Master three photos is from the iPhone 11Pro. The series adopts three-camera combination of wide angle (f/1.8), long focus (f/2.4) and 120 degree ultra-wide angle (f/2.0) to support 0.5x, 1x and 2x optical zoom. In addition, 11Pro series can also shoot 4K video of 60FPS to support professional editing function.

It is worth mentioning that in the past, the nighttime shooting function of Apple mobile phone was criticized, and this time it has been upgraded. All three new machines can use machine learning technology to capture light in low-brightness scenes. Dark light environment can still retain a lot of details.

However, although Apple emphasizes the upgrade of shooting function, it is still worth observing whether this upgrade can bring impact under the current domestic mobile phone configuration of three or even four cameras. And the maximum zoom is only four times (the iPhone 11Pro can reach), in the domestic mobile phone shoot stars and shoot the moon the maximum 50 times zoom, as if it is a small witch. Additionally, Apple is criticized for not conforming to the Chinese shooting habits - too real. From the sample, you can see that the freckles on the face of the model are exhaustive. For the people who have been spoiled by the Map software, it may be difficult to face up to the real oneself.

In addition, Apples often disliked battery life has also been upgraded. Cook said that the battery life of the iPhone 11 is one hour longer than the XR of the iPhone, while the duration of the iPhone 11Pro is four hours higher than the XS of the iPhone. The duration of the 11 ProMax is five hours longer than that of the XSMax. At the same time, Apple finally said goodbye to the 5 V/1A charger for 10,000 years and provided an 18W standard charger.

According to previous leaks, new functions such as 18W Fast Charging, Bath Master, Three Photographs and Gradual Color Change have appeared. However, the reverse wireless charging function, which directly charges AirPods or AppleWatch on the back of the mobile phone, has proved to be a beautiful misunderstanding.

The price of the 11 iPhones is much lower than that of the XR.

It is noteworthy that Cook also produced the usual picture of comparative friends used by domestic mobile phone manufacturers at the meeting, saying that A12 chip is far more than Samsung S10+, Huawei P30 Pro, Google Pixel 3 and other friendly flagship aircraft. The latest version of the CPUs A3 bionic chip has been upgraded to perform 1 trillion operations per second. 7Nm process, taking into account the high performance and low power consumption. To maximize battery life, mobile phones can use four energy-efficient cores in most cases, and two high-performance cores in case of emergencies. The three new planes are all equipped with A13 bionic chip.

In terms of selling price, the prices of the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11Pro and the iPhone 11ProMax start at $699 (National Bank version 64GB5499 yuan, 128GB5999 yuan, 256GB6799 yuan), $999 (National Bank version 64GB8699 yuan, 256GB9999 yuan, 512GB11799 yuan), and $1099 (National Bank version 64GB9599 yuan, 256GB10899 yuan, 512GB12699 yuan).

However, it has been reported that the cost of the new Apple mechanism has dropped, but according to the price of the state-run version, the starting price of the iPhone 11 is much cheaper than the previous generation XR6499 yuan. The iPhone 11Pro series is the same as the starting price of the iPhone XS last year. Among them, the iPhone 11Pro series started pre-ordering on Friday and shipped on September 20.

According to a previous survey released by Nandu Hot Station, the media said that the cost of the iPhone 11 has dropped. Would you consider switching? Of the 2373 voting netizens, only 10% said they would change planes, while more than 2100 netizens said they would not change planes.

AppleWatch, which can measure womens monthly affairs, finally arrives

Compared with the hardware upgrade of the new Apple mobile phone, the launch of the iPad, Apple Watch is more software-level changes, some netizens said, Apple has finally returned to the software company.

At the meeting, Apple announced that it was scheduled to release its tablet operating system, the iPadOS, on September 30, and to support the old iPad models launched in the past few years. In June, Apple announced that it would split the iOS system that runs on both the iPhone and the iPad to provide separate operating systems for its mobile phones and tablets. As the first new system to be released independently of the iPad, the iPadOS comes with a number of highly anticipated features, including widgets that Apple eventually added to its home screen. It also brings desktop-level browsing to Safari, updates Files applications, and improves multitasking capabilities.

The new iPad comes in 9.7 inches and 10.2 inches. The new iPad carries the A10 Fusion chip, twice as fast as the best-selling PC. With intelligent connector, it can connect smart keyboard and bracket to make full use of the function of iPadOS. The 10.2-inch iPad uses a 3.5-megapixel etina display, which Apple claims is 3.3 times more than the best PC pixels on the market, 2.5 times brighter, and offers stronger wide-angle and long-focus features. The new 10.2-inch iPad will also feature the iPadOS, which Apple will accept from September 11, Beijing time, starting at $329 (from $32GB2699 for the state-run version and $128GB3499 for the 128GB version), and will be available in stores on September 30.

In addition, the fifth generation of AppleWatch Series 5 was launched at the conference. Cook said that the ECG function of AppleWatch is protecting the health of many wearers. The video mentions Apples notification push to detect human heart rate acceleration, a function that has saved many people. This feature will continue in Apple Watch 5. Not only that, but also added a new security function, when it detects that the owner falls, it will issue an emergency SOS to save his life. The honeycomb version has an international telephone, and pressing the side button for a long time can make an urgent international call for help.

AppleWatch has joined a long-standing call for womens menstrual cycle. It is reported that this function is an apple womens health research conducted in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health and Harvard University, and the research conditions and how they apply to the menstrual cycle. Female users can observe and manage their menstrual cycles according to their watches, so as to better manage their bodies.

At the same time, Apple Watch 5 uses a new display screen, which always lights up the retina screen. Before, when you put down your wrist, the screen would darken. Now you can see the surface all the time. This is the industrys only low-temperature multi-kilogram silicon LTPO display, with high power efficiency, and Apple seamlessly integrates it with energy efficient management. It still lasts for 18 hours and is new to the compass function.

In addition, Apple Watch 5 has added a new case material, titanium alloy, which has four different materials to choose from. Aluminum case has three colors of gold, silver and deep-space ash. Stainless steel plate has three colors of gold, ash and deep-space black. Titanium alloy has natural color and deep-space black, and white ceramic case. According to Deirder OBrien, Apples retail director, Apple Store stores will also open an Apple Watch studio to make it easier for users to match various forms and tapes.

The Apple Watch 5 GPS version starts at $399 ($3,199 for the state-owned version), while the honeycomb version starts at $499 ($3,999 for the state-owned version), which can be booked on September 11 and launched on September 29.

China Game debuts at Apple Press

In addition to new hardware products, it is noteworthy that Apple revealed new developments in AppleArcade and Apple TV + at its spring conference in March, with Arcade going online on September 19 and Apples first show going online on November 1.

Cook revealed that Apple Arcade has more than 100 new games that can only be used on Apples iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple TV, and that new games are launched every month. At the conference, Apple introduced three games from its partners, including a 3D action tour of Pascal Contract from Shi Yuzhus team, which was also the first time that a Chinese local team made an appearance at Apples global conference. Arcade also includes recommendations, game trailers and game guides. Apple said, No other game service can launch so many games at the same time.

From Shi Yuzhus team, a 3D action hand tour Pascal Contract was demonstrated live.

Apple said that Apple Arcade will open on September 19 and will cover more than 150 countries and regions worldwide. It will launch 100 games in the early stage, with a family subscription standard of $4.99 a month and a free trial period for new users.

For Apple TV+, Cook announced that Apples first episode would be released on November 1, covering 100 countries for $4.99 a month. Of course, if you buy a new iPhone, iPad, and iPhone, you can use AppleTV + for free for one year. Cook also said, On November 1st, after going online, the rhythm of a new play will be kept up to date at least once a month.

According to Apples previous revelations, Apples original content includes morning shows, variety shows, movies and so on.

Nandu reporters learned that Apple has invested more than $1 billion to develop more than 25 different TV programs and movies for Apple TV +. Moreover, without advertising, Apple TV + can be used to watch programs online and offline in more than 100 countries and regions. This app is pre-installed on the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iPod touch, and will soon appear on Mac operating Mac OS Catalina system.

Interestingly, Apple TV applications can also be used on some Samsung smart TVs and will support Amazon FireTV, LG, Roku, Sony and Vizio platforms in the future.

Source: Responsible Editor of Southern Metropolitan Daily: Zhou Xinyi_NB12002