Freshmens monthly living expenses are 4500 fresh graduatesmonthly salary is less than 6000

 Freshmens monthly living expenses are 4500 fresh graduatesmonthly salary is less than 6000

Its not embarrassing for college students to reach out for living expenses

The embarrassment is that the cost of living is never enough.

Hello, Mom, I miss you.

Is there no living expenses?

Hello, Dad...

Say, how much is it this time?

Its not embarrassing for college students to reach out for living expenses. Its embarrassing that living expenses will never be enough.

Recently, a freshman girl and her mother asked for 4,500 yuan for living expenses. After being rejected, she felt aggrieved and admitted that the living expenses of 2,000 yuan were stretched. For a time, the Internet triggered a debate about the cost of living for college students.

Someone concludes that the main contradiction between contemporary college students and their parents is the contradiction between the growing demand for living expenses and the fact that the living expenses given by their parents are totally inadequate.


How high is the living expenses of 4500 yuan a month for college students? CCTV Finance and Economics First Time interview found that most students feel that 4500 yuan is too high.

Some students think that the living expenses of 4500 yuan can be used by two or three people, some students feel too luxurious, and some students confess that 4500 yuan is really too much.

So, is 2000 yuan a month enough for living expenses? Different cities have different consumption levels.

According to the College Students Consumption Report 2019 released by Mobile Accounting APP, the average monthly living expenses of college students in Beijing are higher than those in China, reaching 2400 yuan, while those in Shanghai and Hangzhou exceed 2000 yuan.

That is to say, the cost of living for college students in most cities of the country is about 2,000 yuan a month.

For example, in the second-tier cities like Chengdu and Nanjing, the cost of living is normal between 1500 and 2000 yuan.

Chengdu Business Daily visited schools such as Sichuan University, Chengdu University and Sichuan Conservatory of Music. It found that most college studentsliving expenses ranged from 1500 to 2000 yuan, while a few students ranged from 1000 to 1500 yuan, and only a few students were above 3000 yuan.

The survey of Yangtze Evening News and Jinling Evening News found that most Nanjing University Studentsmonthly living expenses ranged from 1500 to 2000 yuan, with a minimum of 800 yuan.

If it werent for the first or second-tier big cities, the living expenses of 2000 yuan would be quite abundant.

An online survey of students from five universities in Hefei, Anhui Province, shows that 52% of college students spend an average of 1,000-1,500 yuan a month, mainly for food, accounting for more than 70% of the total cost of living.

The living cost of 2000 yuan has become the consensus of most people. According to the results of the poll conducted by the News Morning Post on Weibo, more than 60% of netizens voted for the option of less than 2000.


The more living expenses college students need, the more family expenditure, because most of the living expenses come from their parents.

A survey conducted by China Youth Network in 2017 showed that more than 95% of respondentsliving expenses were provided by their parents.

Because college students have no income source, tuition and living expenses are generally borne by their parents. By contrast, American college students are less comfortable.

According to the data of American Sally American Student Loan Association, the annual expenditure of an average family college student mainly comes from five parts: scholarship + loan + parental support + self-deposit + borrowing from relatives and friends.

Parental support is only a small proportion. CNBC released a survey of 800 parents of college students in June 2017 and found that parents pay about a third of the cost of going to college.

The vast majority of American college students have to borrow money to go to college and pay it off slowly after work. If you fail to find a good job after graduation, you may be repaying the loan all your life.

The New York Federal Reserve Bank report shows that the number of older Americans over 60 who still repay student loans soared from 700,000 in 2005 to 2.8 million in 2015.

The pressure of university fees has forced American college students to learn to pinch pennies early, even if they give up the ivy.

In 2015, Tennessee examinee Ronald Nelson was admitted to all eight rattan schools, but these schools only provided part of his financial support, while the University of Alabama next to Tennessee gave him almost all of it. Nielsen eventually abandoned Fujita and chose the University of Alabama because it was more affordable.


Going to college means starting to live independently. Although college students are not yet financially independent, they should also form financial consciousness earlier.

Sun Yanan, a counselor at Nanjing University of Technology, said that college students should have a general understanding of the universitys four-year expenditure, so as to establish a correct consumption concept and improve their financial management and self-reliance ability.

In the survey, Jinling Evening News found that some college studentsliving expenses are much higher than the average standard, but they earn by themselves. A junior at Nanjing Art Institute earns money mainly by working as a pianist and teacher. He also works in a milk tea shop. At most, he can spend 4,500 yuan a month, but there is still money left to save.

If you cant earn money by yourself and only know that you need 4500 living expenses to keep your mouth shut with your parents, thats another matter. Many netizens said that office workers are reluctant to spend 4500 a month.

Some netizens inadvertently told the truth: can you earn 4500 a month after graduation?

According to the statistics of TOP200, the average monthly salary of college graduates ranked 160 is below 4500 yuan.

Just a few months ago, on the hot search list, the current students monthly salary is less than 6,000 once topped the list. According to the survey data of Zhaolian Recruitment in 2019, 70% of new students sign contracts with less than 6,000 yuan a month.

In economics, its not too early to start in college. If you dont grasp the opportunity, you wont get a chance after you work.

After graduation, find a job that can support themselves, and stop asking parents for money. You have to eat, rent, socialize. You have to face the first lesson as soon as you graduate.

After working for a few years, its time to save some money and upgrade your life from a mess to a comfortable one. You have to think about buying a house, a car, a marriage, and the second lesson in a hurry comes again.

People in middle age can no longer be poor, otherwise how to become a pillar of the family. You have four older children and one younger. Education and medical treatment will teach you a third lesson without considering having a second child.

If the cost of living for thousands of dollars is not clear, do college students dare to graduate?

How much is the appropriate monthly refusal of 4,000 living expenses for freshmen?

Recently, a freshman girls help-seeking Posts became popular on the Internet. She thought that the living expenses of 2000 yuan per month were not enough. She hoped to give 4500 yuan per month, but her mother refused. This Tucao sticker has been heated up once it is spread. Some netizens laugh at it: can they earn 4500 after a month of graduation? Some netizens also said that it is not surprising that the cost of living and studying in the northern areas of Guangzhou and Shenzhen is high. Although 4500 yuan per month is a high standard, it is not surprising.