Apple releases iPhone 11 and other new products foreigner comments Tucao summary

 Apple releases iPhone 11 and other new products foreigner comments Tucao summary

This conference has a sense of deja vu.

Early this morning, Apple launched three new iPhone phones, which, admittedly, are almost identical to those launched in 2018 and 2017. Apples new iPhone Pro, launched this year, is actually a replica of last years iPhone XS, but with a huge, ugly bump that contains the so-called new design, three rear cameras.

u2014u2014 Nicolas Vegas, New YorkPost

Users of the iPhone X and above may have no reason to upgrade.

u2014u2014 Patrick Moorhead, MoorInsights & Strategy

u2014u2014 Leslie Morgan Nakajima

The new products of the three cameras can provide more and more comprehensive data for the pursuit of photographic effects. Of course, the end result may be less jittery videos, or better augmented reality (AR) experiences.

u2014u2014 Dave Gershgorn, Medium

There are several forces at work here. Apple devices have a longer lifespan than normal Android devices, and the operating system will be constantly updated. Second-hand transactions are also frequent. Of course, Apple doesnt mind that, because its focus is now shifting to services. Apples wearable devices are also doing well in the market.

u2014u2014 Marta Pinto, IDC.

Given their loyalty to the iPhone, if they really want 5G, they may continue to wait.

u2014u2014 Ben Wood, CCSInsight


Here are the apples for the next 10 years, haha!

u2014u2014 [email protected]

If you take a picture with the iPhone 11? Promax, no, you are purple sauce.

The release of the iPhone 11 means that other Apple products will be reduced in price. The iPhone? 6, here we are!

u2014u2014 Mans [email protected]

u2014u2014 [email protected]

An apple a year, portable rechargeable treasure away from me.

u2014u2014 [email protected]

After today, your old apples and notebooks will be out. Send them to me. I dont want to abandon them.

u2014u2014 [email protected]

You never know what inspiration comes from, haha.

u2014u2014 Ferdi?? ld? [email protected]

The wallpaper color of apple is the familiar kidney color. Do you understand?

Which camera design is more popular? Do you stand in Huawei or Apple?

u2014u2014 [email protected]_SA

Both look great! Apple is more unique, while the traditional one-character design is more beautiful.

u2014u2014 [email protected] Ajub

The second is a joke.

u2014u2014 Q e [email protected]_e_w

Apart from being a mobile phone, the iPhone 11? Pro is also used as an induction cooker. Wonderful!

u2014u2014 [email protected]_

Apples latest pricing: the iPhone 11, $699; the iPhone 11pro, $999; the iPhone 11ProMax, $1099; continue to use the Apple in your hand, free!

u2014u2014 [email protected]

Apple has introduced a new generation of mobile phone, the iPhone 11, to the world. It is equipped with a new improved camera, with a new A13 bionic chip, full waterproof function, longer battery life!

Twitter response:

Why does it hire diss so much? Its not that bad. [email protected] cloudyrepsx

Android has been sold out. u2014u2014 [email protected]

Samsung has sold out. [email protected] egotistich wasaa

After the launch of the new Apple, Apple began to make older phones run slower and last shorter.

u2014u2014 [email protected]_twigg

Get up with new skills: Instead of buying a new iPhone, just write Send your own iPhone 11 at the end of each e-mail, and youll be blind and save money.

Huawei smiled when it saw the iPhone 11.

u2014u2014 [email protected]

Come on, lets review the way the iPhone is paid.


Looking forward to the day when all the cameras are like big rows of lights, I can use my mobile phone as a red and blue spa.

u2014u2014 Xinzangyu, California

Apple hasnt released a new mobile phone at all. Its just released a new camera.

u2014u2014 joshuaacip

Ive lowered my expectations, but the lower limit of Apple has shocked me...

u2014u2014 thu22jun

I cant believe that people at Apple dared to give the conference the name innovation.

u2014u2014 ExtremelyQualified

The only thing Im interested in is that at Apple Store, I can finally buy the Apple watch I want. I can choose my favorite strap and color matching. Previously, I had to buy stainless steel watches + sports watchbands, and then a Milanese Watchband - there was always a band that was totally wasteful.

u2014u2014 Chairman LaParka

u2014u2014 Ireddit from work

Start storage is still 64GB, its too bad. Even the start of the iPhone 11Pro is 64GB, which is too bad for my wife. The basic storage capacity of Samsung Note10 + is 256GB.

I can understand that they didnt add any breakthrough functions, but every year the starting storage is 64GB, which is a few meanings!?

This is Apples disrespect for customers. They want to develop a marketing strategy to force customers to increase their prices to buy 256 GB. It feels like theyre releasing a 64GB version just to publicize the start price of the iPhone for less than $1,000.

u2014u2014 bittuhari

Throughout the conference, they kept putting pictures and videos on, saying how beautiful things the iPhone? 11Pro had made, and there was nothing really innovative beyond that. Okay, even if the iPhone? 11Pro takes good pictures, but you dont have to keep putting videos on the press conference. These videos are not interesting at all.

u2014u2014 mragarg

This was the first Apple conference that I couldnt watch halfway through. Does Apple want to get away with video? Im a super fruit powder, but Im really disappointed. The word innovation has been blasphemed by them, and even the conference without substance dares to innovate.

u2014u2014 akwilliamson

Did Apple admit that its pricing strategy failed?

u2014u2014 iamseiko

Some netizens retort the previous one:

They wont admit their mistakes, just because the costs have been reduced over the years. How powerful the screen used to be on the iPhone, and now everyone is making similar screens on a large scale.

u2014u2014 Superhobbes 1223

I can only look forward to 2020. Almost all of the keynote speeches on the iPhone are about camera lenses, skipping many configuration details. After looking at the detailed configuration in the AppleStore, I understand why they skipped it.

64GB of basic storage is too bad.

Still hanging from the tree on the lightning line; however, at least they added a fast charger.

I hope the conference in 2020 will be more impressive.

u2014u2014 swansonben

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