Japans Liberal Democratic Party decided that Abe would start the cabinet restructuring

 Japans Liberal Democratic Party decided that Abe would start the cabinet restructuring

BEIJING, Sept. 11, according to Kyodo News Agency of Japan, on the morning of 11 local time, Japanese Prime Minister and President of the Liberal Democratic Party Shinzo Abe held a temporary general meeting at the party headquarters, formally deciding on the four major positions of the party, including the second-ranking Junbo as the remaining secretary-general. Abe will also launch a second cabinet reshuffle this afternoon.

Source: Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan.

It is reported that 13 of the 19 cabinet members have joined the cabinet for the first time, the largest number of Abe cabinet members. Two of them were women. Former Renaissance Chief Executive Koizumi Jinjiro will be the environment minister, while former Liberal Democratic Party Senate President Saint-tzu Hashimoto will be the Olympic minister.

Among the four major positions of the LDP, in addition to the second rank and Hamada, which will refresh the record of successive incumbents, Olympic Prime Minister Junichi Suzuki serves as the president of the general affairs, and the Partys Constitution is amended to promote the head of the Partys headquarters, Bowen Xiamura, as the chairman of the election countermeasures.

In addition, Sen Shanyu, the chairman of the Congressional Countermeasure Committee, will remain in office, and he will continue to cooperate with the second-tier and other officials to jointly respond to the provisional parliament scheduled to be convened in October. Chief Deputy Director-General Paddy Pengmei serves as Acting Director-General.

In terms of cabinet restructuring, Abe arranged for Koizumi to be elected to the House of Representatives only four times. This appointment made the outside world a little unexpected.

It is reported that a total of 17 cabinet members were replaced, and Taro Aso, Deputy Prime Minister and finance minister, and Chief Housing Officer Kan Yiwei, who Abe regarded as the core figure of the government, remained in office. They have served since the establishment of the second Abe Cabinet at the end of 2012.

Also remaining in the cabinet are Prime Minister Maki Min-chong, who will assume the role of foreign minister in economic regeneration, and Foreign Minister Taro Kono, who will assume the role of defense minister.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Zhou Xinyi_NB12002