European preliminaries - Ronaldinho Fourth Joy B, two contributions to assist Portugal 5-1 Lithuania

 European preliminaries - Ronaldinho Fourth Joy B, two contributions to assist Portugal 5-1 Lithuania

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In the history of international A-level competitions, the two sides have only had two record encounters. Portugal has won the two battles, with nine goals and only two goals lost. The last time the two teams met was in a friendly match on June 5, 2004, when Portugal defeated Lithuania 4-1.

In this campaign, Ronaldo led starter partners Bernardo Silva and Felix. Lithuania was the first to pose a threat in the opening two minutes, with Palioni crossing the bottom of the right road and the right foot of the Vilbicas restricted area shooting high above the crossbeam. In the 6th minute, Parionis handball foul was caused by Felixs left-sided pass in the forbidden area. The referee on duty decided to award a penalty, and then Ronaldo sent off a low shot from his right foot. Portugal made a fantastic start, 1-0! In the 10th minute, the right foot near the arc top of the C-Ronaldo penalty area was blocked from the bottom line. Portugal got the right corner kick. Bernardo Silva kicked the ball out. The left foot of the ball in the front of the Greater Gronaldo penalty area volleyed high.

In the 28th minute, Lithuanias right corner kicked out, Andrius Kovichus headed near the penalty spot, the ball hit the left column and then bounced into the net. Lithuania equalized, 1-1!

In the 31st minute, von der midfielder obliquely passed, Cancelo cut the ball in the right, came to the front of the big forbidden area and suddenly burst with his left foot. Rifka fell sideways to dissolve the spheroidization. In the 34th minute, Grero knocked back on the left and Felixs long-range shot was thrown out of the crossbar by the goalkeeper. Subsequently, Portugal made a tactical corner kick, and Bernardo Silvas left-footed arc shot missed the goal in the restricted area. Thirty-seventh minute, the left foot of Felixs forbidden area exploded and was thrown out by the goalkeeper. In the 40th minute, the right foot shot was blocked near the arc top of the C-Row forbidden zone. In the 45th minute, Cancelos right underpass, Carvalho headed the goal higher than the crossbeam in the front of the small restricted area. Portugal drew Lithuania 1-1 after half-time.

In the second half, the two sides exchanged borders and fought again. In the 50th minute, the right side of Ronaldos forbidden area tapped crosswise and Felixs right foot shot missed. In the 60th minute, Bernardo Silvas right pass was picked up and the goalkeeper confiscated the front heel of Felixs small restricted area.

Two minutes later, the score was rewritten. The right side of the front of the C-Ronaldo forbidden area received a good pass from his teammate and then shot low on his right foot. Rifka fell to the right and threw the ball with both hands. Unexpectedly, the ball hit his head and then bounced into the goal. Portugal took the lead again, 2-1!

In the 65th minute, the right side of Bernardo-Silva forbidden zone was selected to pass through the middle, and Ronaldo inserted the right footpad into the net. Portugal expanded the score, 3-1!

In the 67th minute, the left foot of Felixs forbidden area was shot out of the bottom line by the goalkeeper. In the 72nd minute, the left side of Rafael Silvas forbidden area was knocked back in an inverted triangle near the bottom line, and the left foot low shot was blocked at the front of Felixs small forbidden area. Subsequently, the Portuguese tactical corner kicked out and the header in the middle of Ronaldo C penalty area was deflected.

The 76th minute, Bernardo-Silva right side ramp, C Rocco forbidden area left side insert right foot to hit the right side of the goal, Portugal lock in the win, 4-1! __________. Ronaldo scored 24 goals in the European qualifying match with the big four hits in the match, which led him to break Robbie Keanes 23-goal record.

At the end of the stoppage period, the right foot shot low in the restricted area of Carvalho, Portugal next city, 5-1! At the end of the game, Portugal beat Lithuania 5-1.

The two sideslineup

Lithuania (4-3-3): 14-Rifka/21-Vorochavas, 17-Cucles (7-Zulopa 69), 4-Kidiyunnis, 19-Andrius Kovicus/9-Lawtemis (20-Petravis 65), 18-Villebicas (6-Casros 77), 3-Parioni/13-Miguel Onas, 16-Segus 11-Sgus

Portugal (4-3-3): 1-Patricio/20-Cancello, 4-Diaz, 6-Vont, 5-Grero/16-Fernandez (15-Rafa-Silva 56), 14-Carvalho, 18-Nevis/10-Bernardo-Silva, 7-Cro (17-Golders 80), 23-Felix

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