34-year-old C Luo Chaos face is big four joys! Blow up a string of record national team cut 93 balls

 34-year-old C Luo Chaos face is big four joys! Blow up a string of record national team cut 93 balls

C: I dont care about personal awards, but it would be nice to have a golden ball.

Seat B: Everything is simpler with Ronaldo. He always runs very well.

These four goals are divided into four completely different ways. Ronaldo used penalties to break the deadlock. He was the most frequent penalty taker in football history. His penalty shooting was always clean and neat. The third ball reflects Ronaldos excellent sense of running without a ball. His instantaneous forward interpolation allows him to directly shoot close. The fourth goal also reflects Ronaldos ability to run at a historical level. He always appears in no mans land. The Portuguese captains right foot shot left the opposing goalkeeper helpless.

Of course, Ronaldo has good luck tonight. Ronaldos second goal was an absolute balloon. Ronaldo didnt hit the right spot when he shot. The ball bounced and rolled to the goal on the lawn. The Lithuanian goalkeeper threw the ball upside down, and the ball bounced and hit the door on the back, then bounced into the net. The goal gave Portugal a 2-1 lead, and good luck helped Ronaldo and Portugal change the game completely.

The goal was the 93rd in Ronaldos career and he has broken 40 national or regional gates. Ronaldo ranks second in the history of the worlds national team and is not far from the leader, Aliday. Aliday scored 109 goals for Iran, and Ronaldo was 16 goals short of the former Bayern center.

Tonights big four is Ronaldos 54th career, scoring at least three goals in a single game. In the national team, Ronaldo scored at least three goals in eight games, accounting for one third of the teams history. In the Portuguese national team, there have been 24 hat tricks.

Before the FIFA match, Ronaldo scored 20 goals in the European Cup qualifiers, ranking second in history. No. 1 was Irish player Robbie Keanes 23 goals. Before the European preliminaries, Robbie Keane had sent an article to tease Ronaldo C: You have too many records, let this go. As soon as Robbie Keane spoke, Ronaldo rewrote the new record to 25 balls.

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