Summer beach refreshing accompanied by End the Battlefield carry-on bicycle on-line

 Summer beach refreshing accompanied by End the Battlefield carry-on bicycle on-line

In cool summer, womens outward appearance is mainly comfortable and comfortable, carefully tailored swimsuit, which is cool and sets off a beautiful figure. It is absolutely the focus of attention on the beach; wearing transparent sunscreen clothes can not only prevent the sun from shining, but also do not bring a feeling of sullen heat; Randomly tied ponytail, showing a youthful and lively atmosphere. Beach volleyball has no pressure; swimming goggles on your forehead, as if you were going to swim in the ocean in the next second. Thats what summer should be like!

Cool swimsuit, beach star

Summer bicycle is a retro style bicycle with lovely Wang Xing in the front basket. Warm and unrestrained colors show the midsummer atmosphere. There are also individual graffiti on the body. It is a perfect match with the cool summer female appearance. It can also be upgraded to a cool summer bicycle and a delicate summer bicycle. Summer bicycle is the second portable vehicle in the game. Players can choose skateboards or bicycles in the preparation area of the qualifying tournament as the portable vehicle for the local competition. The bicycle can also carry a teammate, which is very practical.

Carrier Bicycle


Iron-blooded Fire Boxing, No Fear of Strong Enemy

Some people go to the beach to spend summer in midsummer, others choose to upgrade themselves with more hot tests! This week, a brand new fashion supply will be on display, Flame Fist theme fashion and keel series helmet are waiting for you to extract.

Flame Fist theme fashion exudes a strong tough temperament, metal decoration on leather pants, tattoos everywhere, protective devices tightly wrapped around arms, blood stains on close T-shirts and blade-shaped decoration of flame formation, all of which are telling the expectation of battle and the desire for victory.

The keel series helmet is divided into three levels: primary, intermediate and advanced. The intermediate keel helmet can see the flame coming out from the keels eyes, and the advanced keel helmet is even more domineering.

Dragon bones helmet, arrogant appearance

School opening benefits should not be missed

From this update to September 18, the Terminator 2 Tour will hold the Energetic Starting Season activity. Players can get their hard work when they finish their daily tasks, and double the amount of hard work when they finish their tasks at the weekend. Players have a limit on the amount of effort they can get each week, which can be increased by completing additional tasks. When the total effort value of the full dress reaches a certain amount, the five gift packs can be unlocked in turn. Each gift pack contains a rich reward! Players can also use personal effort value to exchange the vanishing heart of the campus recall suit and skateboard skin. Prepare new equipment for the coming new semester.

Welfare for the opening of the school, luxurious and attractive

This week, both Supreme Supplies and Fashion Supplies will receive additional attractive feedback, and orange fashions or vehicles will be obtained directly after a certain number of withdrawals. The Medal of End will be awarded after the completion of the task, which can be used to exchange the appearance of Superpower Shadow (3 days) and fragments gift boxes and other incentives! ________.

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Battlefield upgrade, fire all open! Terminator 2: Judgment Day has been upgraded to Terminate the Battlefield. End the battlefield, secret treasures come, mysterious relics detonate the battle! Treasure-hunting soldiers, a new way of playing, the first attack! Carrier, a key take-off, display dazzling skills! A brand new tactical confrontation, a good competitive experience, ignite your vacation! ______________ There are new supplies waiting for you to fight! New Summer Events, Winning Fashion with Friends, Returning to Welfare and Upgrading, etc.