Trump fired the third National Security Assistant Bolton

 Trump fired the third National Security Assistant Bolton

WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 (Reporter Liu Chen and Liu Yang), US President Trump announced on September 10 that John Bolton, Assistant President for National Security Affairs, had resigned at his request. Bolton is the third Presidents National Security Assistant to leave Trumps post.

Trump announced the news in the social media at noon that day, he told Bolton on the evening of 9 that the White House no longer needs his services, the latter submitted his resignation on the morning of 10. Trump said he shared many of Boltons proposals with the rest of the government and disagreed very much. He also thanked Bolton for its service.

Trump said he would announce a new presidential national security assistant next week.

Born in 1948, Bolton served in Reagan, George W. Bush and George W. Bushs three administrations. He is a famous hawk in American politics and is known for his tough foreign policy stance. He replaced McMaster as Presidents National Security Assistant in April 2018. Since taking office, he has shown a strong stance on issues such as the Iranian, Afghan and Korean nuclear issues.

Source: Xinhua responsible editor: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026