Members of Parliament: Naked deception

 Members of Parliament: Naked deception

[Global Network Reporter Wang Boyaqi] All this is a naked deception. CNN just dropped a blockbuster explosion on the 9th, saying that senior intelligence officers placed in the Russian government were forced to evacuate because of improper handling of confidential information by the Trump government, and were subsequently poured cold water on the Russian side.

Franz Clintsevich

According to the Russian Federation News Agency on the 9th, Franz Klintsevic, the first vice-chairman of the Defense Commission of the Russian Federation Commission, pointed out that the above-mentioned CNN story was a naked fraud, and he also reminded CNN reporters that the Shritz era has gone forever, if it really existed. Shritz is the hero of the Soviet film and television drama Seventeen Moments of Spring, and a Soviet intelligence officer who has been latent in the Nazi government of Germany for twenty years.

On that day, Klintsevich analyzed the purpose of CNNs explosion from two aspects.

He said CNN might be carrying out a special order designed to defame Trump. It seems to me that the story we are talking about (CNN news) deliberately discredits US President Donald Trump, describing him as an incompetent person who has almost destroyed the entire US intelligence network because of his clumsiness.

Then, kleinsky Vicki cut another point. He said, CNNs report may have another purpose -- to show the world that Washington has its own eye liner around the world and has secret information that other countries cant get.

After analysing these two points, Klintsevich concluded, Of course, all these are naked deceptions, and quite hasty. Klintsevich also emphasized that it is impossible without American intelligence personnel being placed inside the Russian government.

Earlier in the day, CNN quoted a number of directly informed Trump government officials as saying that in a secret mission in 2017, the United States successfully evacuated a senior intelligence person embedded in the Russian government. An official directly involved in the discussion said the evacuation plan was based on concerns about the exposure of intelligence personnel. He pointed out that Trump popularized his governments repeated inappropriate handling of confidential information, which could lead to source exposure.

CNN sought confirmation from the U.S. government, and a spokesman for Secretary of State Pompeo declined to comment. White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said CNN reports were not only incorrect, but could endanger other peoples lives.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026