Air Force released the latest promotional film J-20 aircraft formation cockpit perspective exposure

 Air Force released the latest promotional film J-20 aircraft formation cockpit perspective exposure

[Global Network Military Reporting] On September 11, the Air Forces official microblog Air Force Published released a promotional film Eagle Strikes the Sky as a National Sword, which focuses on the Eagle of Liaodong troops of the Air Force of China. Video shows that, as a new air force growing and developing in a strong army of reform, Eagle of Liaodong takes on a new mission and strives for a new era. In the four air combat competitions of the Air Force, they won the first group title of Skyhawk Cup twice.

The video also shows the Chinese and English voices of the Chinese Air Force pilots shouting at sea to drive out the aircraft. I am the Chinese Air Force. You are about to enter Chinas airspace and leave immediately! Leave now!

For this Eagle of Liaodong force, fighter-20 pilot Bailong commented: Air ForcesRed Swordexercise against air combat is the brand of the actual combat training of the whole army. Our new fighter planes have participated in this exercise. Twice, seven pilots won theEagle Cupof the air combat group, and their air space was covered by theGolden Helmet. We were deeply impressed by our fighting ability and spirit. We also agree with their saying that it is more important to defeat an opponent than to defeat a teammate. Winning the sky is the golden standard of the golden helmet.

Wang Yongtong, commander of a brigade of the Air Force Air Force, said: After two times winning the first battle of the Air Force against the air, our brigade is thinking more about how far the first battle is from winning. We should strengthen the sense of hardship in the actual combat training, grasp the preparatory work, devote ourselves to the sword, hold our heads high and shine our swords, and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty. Security and development interests.

At the end of the film, the new and cutting-edge air force equipment such as J-20 and H-6K came on the stage. The actual combat training of the air force is expanding to plateau, valley, sea and ocean. Where the national interests are extended, the strategic capability of the air force will be extended to provide a reliable air and space security guarantee for the development of the country.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026