Selina Ren Rongxuan did this when she stayed awake in New York City

 Selina Ren Rongxuan did this when she stayed awake in New York City

Netease Entertainment reported Sept. 11 that two sisters, Selina and Ren Rongxuan, recently accepted brand invitations to New York Fashion Week. They took the opportunity to enjoy a picnic and watch Broadway. Ren Rongxuan said with a smile, Half of my suitcases are used for picnics, ice buckets, picnic mats, champagne cups, etc. Picnic bags and so on. The two sisters finished their work late on the 9th and cleaned up at 2 a.m., because Ren Rongxuan returned home on the 10th, and the two who were reluctant to sleep watched the night scenery of New York, drinking and chatting until 5 a.m. to rest.

The clothes for the show came from Selinas idea. She wanted to create the feeling that Ren Rongxuan and her sister looked like twins. She had already decided on the clothes for the show, but the two sisters came to the store the day before the show and tried on the clothes for another round. Finally, she decided to choose the plush material as the element of twin look. After the show, the two men also went to the background to take photos with the designer philliplim. The designers under philliplims banner met the idol Selina. They were both happy and excited. philliplim smiled and said, I will help you realize your dream, and then you will work harder to design clothes.

Speaking of the trip to New York, Ren Rongxuan said, I only sleep three hours a day, although I stay three days, but I feel very full. The first show is the most familiar and intimate person. It feels very different. You can share, discuss and recommend the right style with your sister. She emphasized that I cherish such a tired but wonderful time.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952