Spains 21-year-old captain is furious! Its hard to get back from Barcelona for five years

 Spains 21-year-old captain is furious! Its hard to get back from Barcelona for five years

Less than three minutes after the opening, Danny Olmer burst the door with lightning. Barcelona hired Cucurellia to cross the left, Dani Olmer scored a curling ball from the right foot in the middle of the penalty area, and the ball flew precisely into the lower right corner of the goal. Nine minutes later, Dani Olmert scored twice, and after a single cut in the front court, Dani Olmert sent the ball to the goalkeepers crotch and put it into the net.

Dani Olmer is a very comprehensive attacker. He can play as a winger and an attacking midfielder. He has excellent personal skills. This summer, Dani Olmer led Spains U21 youth team to win the European Youth Championship. In the semi-finals and finals, Dani Olmer scored goals. Now he scored twice in the Euro Youth qualifying.

Dani Olmers style is gorgeous and even angry, and the Spanish media think he has something in common with the debut De Ulofeou. Whats more grumpy is Danny Olmers career plan. Dani Olmer first worked at the Spanish youth camp. He worked at the Basala Masia youth camp from 2007 to 2014. In the summer of 2014, Danny Olmer made an unimaginable decision. After leaving La Masia, he chose to join the youth training camp of Croatian team Zagreb Dinamo! From Barcelona to Zagreb, Dani Olmers decision was once seen as a blunder.

But in Zagreb, Dani Olmer has more opportunities than Barcelona. During the 14/15 season, Dani Olmer started playing for the first team. During the 17/18 season, Dani Olmer became an important member of the team, scoring nine goals in 33 appearances. Dani Olmer scored 12 goals in 44 appearances last season. Dani Olmer scored three goals in five appearances in this summers Champions League qualifying tournament, helping Zagreb Dinamo to get tickets for the group stage. Dani Olmer had hoped to return to La Liga this summer, but Zagreb Dinamo refused to let go. The Spanish youth captain could only stay in the Balkans.

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