Active layout of foreign investment to seek Chinas opportunities

 Active layout of foreign investment to seek Chinas opportunities

The 2009 Xiamen International Investment and Trade Fair and Silk Road Investment Conference are being held in Xiamen. Under the disadvantageous conditions of the rise of trade protectionism and the intensification of anti-globalization trend, guests and businessmen from all countries gathered here to seek Chinas opportunities.

According to the World Investment Report 2019 (Chinese version), released here by UNCTAD, global outward FDI declined 13% in 2018 from a year earlier to $1.3 trillion, and the growth of international investment was weak. However, Chinas attraction of foreign investment has maintained steady growth. According to the report, China attracted 139 billion US dollars in foreign investment in 2018, accounting for more than 10% of the total amount of foreign investment in the world, and continued to become the second largest foreign capital inflow country in the world.

Top officials of various countries and multinational corporations participating in the CIFIC believe that China is still the main destination for attracting foreign investment. We will continue to invest in China and benefit from it. Harry Saidin, president of the South China American Chamber of Commerce, said that this is the 17th time that the South China American Chamber of Commerce has organized a delegation to Xiamen to participate in the investment fair, bringing more than 100 enterprises, including large multinational enterprises such as Apple, Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson, Nike and KPMG.

According to the special report on the economic situation of South China in 2019 issued by the American Chamber of Commerce in South China, almost all foreign-funded enterprises in China remained profitable in 2018. The reinvestment data of the enterprises surveyed show that the enterprises have not withdrawn from the Chinese market in a large scale, and they still have a strong interest in investing in China, mainly because of the growth potential of the Chinese market and its high return on investment.

At the CIFIT, the fields of artificial intelligence, culture, education, medical and health have become the focus of foreign investment.

Cai Hua, Director of Corporate Affairs of Ouxi Group China, an American meat processing company, said that new measures to actively attract and stabilize foreign investment are powerful guarantees for multinational enterprises to develop in China.

Our confidence in the Chinese market is very strong. Chen Silin, vice president of ABB Group in China, Switzerland, said that global AI development prospects are good, and China will continue to play a major role in this field.

At the end of last year, ABB Xiamen Industrial Center, which invested 2 billion RMB, was put into operation and became one of the largest innovation and manufacturing bases of ABB in the world. The group will actively explore the business opportunities of one belt and one road , and has carried out extensive cooperation with more than 400 Chinese enterprises in more than 70 countries and regions in recent years. Chen Silin said.