State-run Fawenjiayao Pig Production Stability and Supply Guarantee Promotes the Construction of Modern Aquaculture System

 State-run Fawenjiayao Pig Production Stability and Supply Guarantee Promotes the Construction of Modern Aquaculture System

In recent years, pork prices have remained high, and many departments have taken a series of measures to ensure stable supply and prices.

On September 10, when the policy of stable production and supply was added, the General Office of the State Council issued Opinions on Stabilizing Pig Production and Promoting Transformation and Upgrading (hereinafter referred to as Opinions).

Promoting Scientific and Technological Progress in Pig Production

Opinions pointed out that the goal should be to ensure basic self-sufficiency of pork, restore production and guarantee supply based on the current situation, promote transformation with a view to long-term transformation, strengthen responsibility implementation, increase policy support, strengthen scientific and technological support, and promote the construction of a high production efficiency, resource saving, environment-friendly, rational layout and coordinated production and marketing of pig industry. New pattern of quality development.

Reporters noted that Opinions clearly put forward to promote scientific and technological progress in pig production in accelerating the construction of modern breeding system. Strengthen the construction of modern pig breeding system for improved breeds, implement pig genetic improvement program, improve the self-sufficiency rate of core breeds and improve the supply capacity of improved breeds. We should increase investment in modern seed industry, promote the construction of core breeding farms and adapt to pig production capacity, and support local pig farms, protected areas and gene banks to improve infrastructure conditions and promote the protection and development of local pig breeds.

Implementing pig breed subsidy, promoting artificial insemination technology, and actively supporting pig farms (households) to purchase pig semen. Promote the use of antibiotics in pig farming, implement the withdrawal plan of growth-promoting antibiotics, and develop and promote alternative products. We will accelerate the informationization of the whole pig industry chain, popularize intelligent pig-raising equipment and improve the efficiency of production and operation.

Reporters interviewed a number of farmers in the process of understanding that at present, Chinas seed source self-sufficiency rate is relatively low, there is no perfect breeding system, many times need to be introduced abroad.

Regarding this, Zhang Junjie, general manager of Nongs interconnected pig networking division, told the daily economic news reporter that breeding is indeed a core issue in the domestic pig industry. We have been introducing excellent provenances from abroad and then expanding them at home. But the varieties that have been multiplied are deteriorating, so it will be necessary to introduce them abroad after a period of time, which is very restricted by people. Zhang Junjie believed that the Opinion proposed to improve the self-sufficiency rate of core breeds and the supply capacity of improved breeds, focusing on the long-term development of pig farming.

Not only that, Zhang Junjie said, popularizing intelligent pig raising equipment in farms can also greatly reduce the frequency of contact between people, vehicles and objects, so as to reduce the contact and transmission of the epidemic to a large extent, and at the same time, make the whole feeding process more refined and raise the efficiency of breeding.

Accelerating the Development of African Swine Fever Vaccine

In terms of perfecting the animal epidemic prevention and control system, the Opinions put forward three specific measures: improving the ability of animal epidemic prevention and control, strengthening the detection and Quarantine of animal epidemics, and strengthening the construction of grass-roots animal epidemic prevention team.

In raising animal disease prevention and control capacity, it is clear that we should co-ordinate the prevention and control of African swine fever, foot and mouth disease, swine fever and highly pathogenic blue ear disease. Accelerate the development of African swine fever vaccine. Strengthen the training of epidemic prevention and control technology and the guidance of classification, improve the level of biological safety protection of pig farms (households).

Accelerate the development of African swine fever vaccine, which is also the expectation of farmers.

Industry insiders said that the development of African swine fever vaccine in China was in a steady and orderly process as the vaccine entered the stage of clinical trial. But it will take time for the vaccine to really succeed.

Besides, in addition to speeding up the upgrading of the slaughtering industry, the opinion also mentioned that we should transform the traditional way of pig distribution, transform the pig transport to transport meat, and gradually reduce the long-distance pig transportation across provinces (districts and cities).

In addition, we should strengthen the construction of cold chain logistics infrastructure. We will gradually build a cold-chain logistics infrastructure network that effectively connects the main pig production and marketing areas. Slaughtering enterprises are encouraged to build standardized pre-cooling distribution centers, low-temperature partitioning processing workshops, refrigerators and other facilities to improve the processing and storage capacity of pig products. Slaughtering enterprises are encouraged to equip with necessary refrigerated vehicles and other equipment to improve long-distance transport capacity. We will encourage the construction of standardized circulation refrigerators, cryogenic processing centers, cold chain distribution facilities and cold meat distribution points in the main selling areas of pig products to improve the terminal distribution capacity.

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Yang Bin_NF4368