List of Small Market Value Buddhist Science and Technology Stocks

 List of Small Market Value Buddhist Science and Technology Stocks

Technology stocks have been overheated lately. Since August 7, when the market reached the bottom of the stage, in just over a month, the electronics industry index rose 24.33%, the computer index rose 23.44%, and the communications index rose 17.85% in the third place. Individual stocks performed better. Shennan shares, the leading stock in the computer industry, rose 106.36%, Broadcom integration in the electronics industry rose 100.72%, and Dongxin Peace in the communications industry rose more than 85%. Even some technology stocks with narrow volatility for a long time have opened up a sharp upward trend.

Data treasure statistics show that 38 stocks of low market value (market value is less than 10 billion yuan) belonging to computer, electronics and telecommunications industries have an amplitude of less than 50% in the past year. Among them, the amplitude of Foshan lighting is the lowest, only 27.1%. The data show that the highest price of the stock is less than 6.4 yuan and the lowest price is about 4.8 yuan after reinstatement in the past year. Aihua Groups amplitude is also less than 30%. The stocks highest price is less than 24 yuan and its lowest price is more than 17 yuan after its restoration of power in nearly a year. In addition, the amplitudes of Sanxiong Aurora, Farah Electronics and other stocks are less than 35%, while those of Jiangfeng Electronics and Yidelong are less than 40%.

From the market value point of view, Tailong Lightings latest market value is less than 1.8 billion yuan, while Chenfeng Technologies, Huamai Technologies, Igor and other stock markets are worth less than 2.5 billion yuan. The stocks with higher market value are Jiangfeng Electronics, Farah Electronics, Jiemei Technology and so on.

From the perspective of P/E ratio, the latest rolling P/E ratios of Abyson and Chenfeng Technologies are less than 20 times, while the P/E ratios of 8 stock markets, such as Farah Electronics, Foshan Lighting and Yidelong, are less than 30 times. In terms of industry attributes, Quanzhi Technologies and Yangjie Technologies belong to the semiconductor sub-industry of the electronic industry; Century Rier, Yinxin Technologies and other shares belong to the computer application industry; Huamai Technologies, Tianyi Stock and other shares belong to the communication equipment industry.

In addition, Wanxing Technologies, Jiemei Technologies, Quanzhi Technologies and other stocks rose by more than 20%. The worst performer is Ferrard Electronics, which has not risen since August 7 and has fallen by nearly 5%. Golden Bridge Information, Three Gorges New Materials, Igor and other stocks rose less than 5%.

Many of these institutions are very interested in stocks. For example, hypergraph software has 15 rating agencies, with a target price of 21.54 yuan, which is more than 18% higher than the latest price. Jiemei Technologies and Farah Electronics have 13 and 10 agency ratings respectively, with 16.66% and 35.66% of the same target increase space, respectively. In addition, Yangjie Science and Technology, Quanzhi Science and Technology, Chenan Science and Technology and other stocks have more than five rating agencies.

Disclosure of Continuous Rising and Major Capital Flow into Stocks

According to the latest data, by the end of September 10, 802 stocks in the two cities had risen continuously for more than three trading days, 446 stocks had risen continuously for more than five trading days, the top three of which were Hengli Hydraulic (11 days), Liquidity Shares (11 days) and Dongfang Tong (9 days). During the period of successive stock increases, the top three are Dongfang Tong (84.11%), Tianjin Pulin (70.86%) and Shanding Design (51.77%).

It is worth noting that among 802 consecutive rising stocks, 43 stocks have accumulated net inflows of major funds of more than 100 million yuan during the period. Among them, the largest cumulative capital inflow is ZTE, the main capital inflow is 3.533 billion yuan.

Dragon and Tiger List Tracking Capital favors these stocks most

On September 10, 999 million yuan was purchased from the seats of institutions and business departments in the Dragon Tiger List, of which 20 were purchased and 6 were sold. The top three stocks are Huichang Communications, Dongfang Tong and Jingfang Technologies. The net purchases accounted for 13.71%, 3.5% and 10.05% of the turnover on that day.

From the point of view of the capital flow, the net inflow of main capital exceeds 50 million, and there are 10 stocks purchased in Longhu List. Among them, Dongxin Peace, Hagaoke, Mengwang Group and other stocks have the largest net inflow. The largest net inflows were Yihua Health, Yinxing Energy and Denghai Seed Industry, with net inflows of 30.62%, 27.47% and 26.8%, respectively.

HTC New Materials and Other Stocks Short-term Mean Line Cash Fork

By the end of September 10, 76 A-share 5-day averages had actively crossed the 10-day averages. Among them, the 5-day averages of Zheng Coal Machinery, Hongda New Materials and Kerong Environment were the most distant from the 10-day averages, reaching 2.33%, 2.28% and 1.52% respectively.

It is worth noting that Tianshili, Fuan Pharmaceutical, Yihua Health and other major shares of the net inflow of capital before, respectively, reached 0.47 billion yuan, 0.46 billion yuan, 0.44 billion yuan.

44 stocks stagflation

The latest data show that there are 44 A shares in the two cities. Among them, Huacan Optoelectronics, Farsheng and Golden Hair Rabbi have the largest 5-day volume ratio, reaching 4.52, 3.98 and 3.4 respectively. It is worth noting that among the 44 stocks with stagnant volume, Philips, Tongrentang, China Haida and TCL Group have the largest net inflows of major capital.

Note: Four forms after this information have excluded new shares listed in the past year.