Apple released the iPhone 11 Pro betting camera to sell video services at a low price

 Apple released the iPhone 11 Pro betting camera to sell video services at a low price

Although there have been few fundamental innovations in Apples hardware in recent years, the latest three iPhones are still the most popular in the market. The price of the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11Pro and the iPhone 11ProMax are $699, $999 and $109, respectively. The pre-sale starts at 5 a.m. on Friday and shipments begin on September 20.

In the Chinese market, the price of the iPhone 11 starts at 5499 yuan, the price of the iPhone 11Pro starts at 8699 yuan and the price of the iPhone 11ProMax starts at 9599 yuan. Apple Chinas official website will open new products in advance on September 13. Users can also buy or replace old products through platforms such as Jingdong.

For the first time, the design of three cameras, OLED screen, is the highest-end smartphone currently launched by Apple. Its performance has been greatly improved. Its battery life will also increase by 4 hours and 5 hours compared with the previous generation of iPhone X products. In the aspect of photography, the super wide-angle function is added, which can increase the width of the picture by four times as much as the previous one. At the same time, it strengthens the functions of night scene portrait mode and synchronous brightness adjustment during photography. In terms of color, in addition to the original gold, silver and gray, but also increased green.

The latest release of the iPhone 11 is an upgraded version of the iPhone XR, but it costs 50 dollars less than the iPhone XR. The iPhone 11 is equipped with face recognition function and A13 bionic chip, dual cameras. Apple said: The CPU and GPU performance of the iPhone 11 are top-notch in smartphones. The iPhone 11 has six options: purple, green, yellow, white, red and black.

Peng Luping, vice president of global mobile business of Canayls, told First Financial Journalist: As the starting model of Apples flagship iPhone, the positioning of the iPhone 11 is stronger than that of the previous iPhone XR. And Apple has also introduced a very attractive policy of replacing the old with the new to stimulate users to shorten the purchase cycle of new machines.

As Apple introduced new models, it also updated many countriespolicy of replacing old ones with new ones. The starting prices of three new models are $399, $599 and $699, respectively, which are lower than the previous ones. Apple has also joined with Chinese channel providers to promote the old-for-new business. For example, in response to the launch of Apples new products, Beijing-East United Love Recycling offers consumers a one-stop replacement subsidy service.

Peng Luping told First Financial Journalist: Under the enormous competitive pressure of Samsung and Huawei, Apples announcement will emphasize the market leading position of its products, declaring that the iPhone 11 is the current leader of the smartphone market, which is very bold and radical.

Huawei will also release its latest smartphone Mate30 on September 19. Mate30 carries Huaweis latest self-developed chip Kirin 990. Apple also hopes to beat Huawei in cameras.

According to research firm IDC, global shipments accounted for 10.2% in the second quarter of this year, down 14.5% from 186 million units, far less than Sanxing and Huawei, the top two companies. Samsung and Huawei shipped 300 million and 230 million units respectively.

Its worth noting that Apple also avoided talking about 5G at the launch of the iPhone. Competitors Huawei and Samsung have both released high-priced 5G phones. But Ben Wood, an analyst at CCSInsight, a research firm, told First Financial Journalist that Apples late launch of a 5G mobile phone does not mean that Apple will lose users and lag behind its competitors. The loyalty of the iPhone users is very high. If they really want to buy a 5G mobile phone, they will probably wait for a while.

Streaming videos and games will bring huge profits

Overall, however, Apple has nothing new in terms of hardware, apart from releasing more powerful smartphone camera capabilities. Instead, Apple Video Service AppleTV + and Apple Game App Arcade could boost demand for products like iCloud in the future, which could benefit the company.

AppleTV + is priced at $4.99 a month, much lower than Netflixs current $8.99 a month and Disneys upcoming $6.99 a month. AppleTV + will be officially launched in 100 countries on November 1. Apple also said it will offer free one-year AppleTV + service to users who buy new iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TV sets.

Considering that there is not much original content at present, Apple may want to attract users at a lower entry price and build an ecosystem first. Peng Luping told First Financial Journalist.

Apps for Apples game service will also be officially launched in 150 countries on September 19, with subscription fees of $4.99. Users can download up to 100 new games and exclusive games through devices such as the iPhone. Peng Luping believes that Apples strategy is to increase user stickiness by increasing the added value of hardware purchases.

Streaming media game service is also the trend of the future game industry. Users can share games with friends or play games offline. Google also launched Stadia, a streaming Game platform, at this years developersconference. Microsoft has also released xCloud, a streaming Game service, but all of them need to be connected via the Internet.

At the new product launch, Apple also released products including its fifth generation smart watch and the new iPad. The GPS version of the new Apple watch costs $399 and the 4G honeycomb version costs $499, which will be officially launched on September 20. Meanwhile, Apple cut the price of third-generation smart watches to $199.

Source: First Financial Responsibility Editor: Wang Xiaowu_NF