Ma Yunzuo Beibei Alibaba: Good company and good teacher are brilliant respectively

 Ma Yunzuo Beibei Alibaba: Good company and good teacher are brilliant respectively

Ma Yun and Zhang Yong, two men eight years apart, sat next to each other at the annual meeting. If 55-year-old Ma Yun is a natural leader who is very motivated and good at inspiring morale, then 47-year-old Zhang Yong is a footprint step by step, through a lot of actual combat, formed his own management system and methodology, from a financial leader to a leader.

I didnt expect the results of 10 years to come so fast. Ma Yun said at the scene.

For the future development of Alibaba, Ma Yun said on the spot: Today is not Ma Yuns retirement, but the beginning of a system inheritance; today is not a persons choice, but the success of a system.

Ma Yun said that the company does not want to become a strong company, and only wants to be a good company in society, in the world, in the minds of the people and users. A strong company is determined by its business ability, while a good company is responsible and kind.

On the evening of the 10th, Alibaba announced a comprehensive upgrade of its mission, vision and values. Under the mission of let the world have no hard business, Ali does not pursue big, strong, and strives to be a good company with a life of 102 years. By 2036, it will serve 2 billion consumers, create 100 million jobs and help 10 million small and medium-sized enterprises make profits.

From Dugu Nine Swords to New Six-Vein Sword

Concern is that Alibaba has launched an upgraded version of the values, a total of six, called the New Six-Vein Sword.

New Six Veins Sword consists of six Ali dialects: customer first, employee second, shareholder third; because of trust, it is simple; the only constant change; the best performance today is the lowest requirement tomorrow; at this moment, it is me; live conscientiously and work happily.

Behind each sentence, there is a story about Alis development history, which expresses the attitude of Ali people to get along with the world. It will also become the starting point and motive force for Ali to continue to practice his life and realize his vision.

Take At this moment, I am nothing but myself as an example. On September 14, 1999, Alibaba posted its first job advertisement in Qianjiang Evening News. The slogan above is: If not now, when? I fnotme, who? At this moment, I am the only one. Later, this sentence became Alibabas first vernacular. It embodies the Ali peoples belief in their mission and their responsibility of giving up who we are.

The most important goal is to find our fellow travelers. Ali wants to go to the future, to 102 years, and to walk well in the next five, ten and twenty years, Zhang Yong said.

This is the third time in Alis history that values have been upgraded. The first time is the Nine Swords of Solitude signed in 2001. This is also the first time that Ali has summarized, refined and solidified the corporate culture into words. This is the Nine Swords of Solitude, namely the Nine Great Values. Dugu Jiujian has two axes: one is innovation, passion, openness and teaching; the other is system axes: group strategy, quality, focus, service and respect. Throughout the axis of innovation and system, simplicity prevents internal bureaucracy and office politics. In 2004, it evolved into Six Veins Sword, which refers to customer first, teamwork, embracing change, honesty, passion and dedication. This set of values all the way supports Alibaba from loss to profit, from PC Internet to mobile Internet era, from a single B2B business derived C2C, B2C business, from e-commerce to finance, logistics, cloud computing, from hundreds of startups to have 100,000 employees, market value of nearly 460 billion US dollars of the worlds top new. Economic Company.

The performance appraisal of Ali employees depends on half performance and half values. Values are the companys program of action and the basis for decision-making when faced with choices. All the major decisions in Alis history have nothing to do with money, but with values, Ma said.

Where is Ali going?

In 2009, on the 10th anniversary of Alibabas founding, 18 founders of Alibaba resigned as founders in order to achieve the goal of keeping the company alive until the age of 102, and Alibaba began to enter the era of partners.

Ten years later, on the 20th anniversary of Alibabas founding, Ma Yun, the soul figure of Alibaba, officially stepped down as chairman of the board of directors of the company, taking over from Zhang Yong, CEO of the company.

Zhang Yongs memory of the logical and meticulous Xiaoyao is vague for the moment when he took over the Internet giant whose annual revenue exceeded 370 billion yuan. In January this year, in an exclusive interview with First Finance and Economics, Zhang Yong said: I cant remember the specific scenes very clearly. After he (Ma Yun) came back from running a circle outside, the two of them had about two or three hours of chatting.

How to complete the transition from CEO to Chairman of Board?

Some have changed a lot, some have not changed much. Teacher Ma has also prepared for this matter for a long time. He has slowly faded out of the companys specific business involvement in recent years. He flies 800 hours and 1000 hours a year. Especially in the past three years, after I took over as CEO, he prepared for this for a long time. So there is little change from this point, but as the chairman of the board of directors, there will be a great change in the responsibilities assumed, no matter the communication between the outside world and the public, as well as in the level of social activities, because after all, such a large economy as Ali must be closely linked with society. Zhang Yong said that he mainly focused on the operation of the company, while Ma Yun spent a lot of time on social activities. Now, if two roles are placed on one person, it will be a great change and challenge for him.

External evaluation of Ma Yun is passionate, unrestrained, Zhang Yong is down-to-earth. Will Alibaba, led by Zhang Yong, enter an era of intensive farming?

Zhang Yong told First Financial and Economic Journalist that it is very important to look at the long term, the future and the situation that others cant see. Intensive farming may lead to significant improvements in company efficiency, but there is no way to make chemical changes. If you want to think about the future, think about some uncertainties, and have a macro judgment on the big trend. In the past few years, I have been challenging myself.

Five years ago, Zhang Yong set the goal for Alibabas medium-term development to reach $1 trillion in GMV by fiscal year 2020. This goal is no longer a problem for all Ali people, Zhang Yong said at the scene.

For the target of the next five years, Zhang Yong hopes to serve more than 1 billion consumers worldwide, and the scale of platform transactions will exceed 10 trillion yuan. Zhang Yong said: We firmly believe that only by achieving this stage goal, can we serve 2 billion consumers by 2036, create 100 million jobs and help 10 million small and medium-sized enterprises make profits.

With scientific and technological innovation, technological progress, the future will change with each passing day, our business will change, service mode will change, service content will change, but the same is our original intention, mission and vision. Zhang Yong said.

The groundbreaking ceremony of Ma Yun Teacher Training Center of Lhasa TeachersCollege was filmed on June 26. Xinhua News Agency

But Ma Yun turned around, just changed a river and lake to continue to be wonderful.

As for the arrangement after leaving office, Ma Yun said on the 10th: The world is so good, there are so many opportunities, and I love to be so busy, where can I retire so young? I hope to change rivers and lakes, green mountains remain unchanged, green waters flow, and there will be some time later.

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The core points of Ma Yuns speech are as follows:

Today is not Ma Yuns retirement, but the beginning of a system inheritance. Today is not a persons choice, but the success of a system.

In the future world, if you want to succeed, remember, not only for yourself, but also for others, for the world and for the future.

From 20 years ago to now, Alibaba has made all the important decisions that have nothing to do with money, social problems, mission vision and values.

We never want to be a mediocre company that only wants to make money. Our goal has never been to defeat our opponents, but to bring about better changes in the world. We just hope that we are a good company in society, in the world, in the minds of the people and users. It is more difficult to be a good company than to be a strong one. A good company is responsible and kind.

Twenty years of hard work, society has given us the best talents and opportunities to develop technology. This is not an asset to show off, but a great trust in us. The best way to be grateful is to surprise society with action. In the next 20 years, it is our responsibility to make good use of these resources, talents and technologies to make the world greener, more inclusive and sustainable, and at the same time more soft and warm.

Alis future is not to make 102 years of money, but to assume 102 years of responsibility.

If I am not the chairman of Alibaba, I will not stop. Alibaba is just one of my many dreams. I think Im still very young. I want to see many places and try them. A lot of things, education, public welfare, environmental protection, which I have been doing, I think I can do better, spend more time, maybe this is what I should do.

The world is so good, there are so many opportunities, I love so busy, where willing to retire so young. Lets change rivers and lakes. The green hills will remain unchanged and the green waters will flow forever. There will be some time in the future.

The core point of Zhang Yongs speech is:

Five years ago, we set a short-term goal for Alibabas digital economy to reach $1 trillion in platform consumption by fiscal year 2020. Today, there is no doubt about that number.

We hope that through five years of efforts, we can serve more than 1 billion consumers worldwide and create more than 10 trillion RMB consumption scale.

We will make every effort to promote the construction of Alibabas business operating system. Only in this way can we help all enterprises move towards a digital and intelligent future together.

Facing the future, our business will change, our way of serving customers will change, and the content of creating customer value will change. But the same is our original intention, the mission we set 20 years ago.

If because of our efforts, the society can make some progress; because of our efforts, our business can do better; because of our efforts, our consumer life can become better, we are sincerely happy. We want to be a good company. We want our customers and partners to live better than us.

Thank Ali, thank Mr Ma and all my colleagues who have helped me in the past 12 years. Because of you, I can become a better self; because of you, I have the privilege to participate in building a better Ali; because of you, I have the opportunity to stand here today, face the future, and work with you to make Ali different from me.

There is still a long way to go in the future. We are going to face the future together. The best Thanksgiving for yesterday is that we all work together to create the most beautiful future.

Source: First Financial Responsibility Editor: Guo Chenqi_NBJ9931