This is the most painful post-90s sentence.

 This is the most painful post-90s sentence.

For example, parents want them to be sensible, to follow the direction they set, and they are always used to making decisions for them.

Today, we stand in their perspective and look at these uncomfortable love.

In the process of growing up, we have more or less heard parents say to themselves, Im all for you.

In fact, we all know that the starting point of parents is good, want us to take less detours, have a better life.

But what is a good life? I dont think its about being great or making money. Its about having the fullest possible choices and experiencing possibilities for most of our lives. Even if the road is rough, at least you step by step out, rather than being arranged. The premise of love should be respect, not control. Everyones life should take on their own responsibilities, click on a watch bar, I believe you also have the ability to live the life you choose.

Goodnight boy

This is the 1589th day I said goodnight to you.