Stimulation, darkness, this 8.4 high score Korean drama Douban, take you to reveal what is hell?

 Stimulation, darkness, this 8.4 high score Korean drama Douban, take you to reveal what is hell?

Others are hell to you.

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Before entering the society, everyone may experience several times to find out the perplexity of renting houses. Especially the new graduates who come to a strange city and want to start a new life and find a suitable place to live are the first steps to take root in the city. However, the newly promoted social animals, because they have no social experience, will more or less run into a wall in the process of finding houses. I have also been cheated by intermediaries over 200 deposits, because I am not familiar with the rental routine, but also blame myself for being too young at that time, and now think of it as a financial disaster relief. In the process of finding a rental house, I have met strange landlords, and I have also seen a room with nothing but a bed. The price is also very different. It is difficult to rent a comfortable and desirable house. Often, because of the price, we will choose to compromise just out of college, want to be independent and cheap, and finally rent a house, either in a remote location, or the house has been in a mess. Recently, a new Korean opera tells us about the strange things in the rental house, the subject matter is suspense and slightly frightening, but it is really good. The Korean opera is called Others are Hell.

Others Is Hell

At first, it was because of this name that the scriptwriter was a cultural person, and knew the degree of suspense and thriller very well. A name could associate a lot of content, and the script would not be too bad. So far, I have seen two episodes, and Im in the hole. The script is not too hey! _________.

Maybe its because the Japanese drama Its your turn has just finished. Im still immersed in the suspense and tension. The rhythm of Others Are Hell coincides with Its your turn. The feeling of its your turn is intoxicating. You can think of it as the Korean version of Its Your Turn, or the simplified version, because the characters are not so complicated and the reasoning is not very difficult. Others Are Hell is adapted from the black terror comic book The Thriller Examination House, which tells about a young farmer who came to the city to live, because he could not afford to rent a good house, he had to go back and rent a test room. The story happened in this exam hall...

Kass is also a big battle: Korean TV ratings guarantee Li Dongxu+Lin Shifu, the male lead in Unborn+Li Jingen, the nanny in Parasitic Worm, which has recently burst into the world...

From the beginning of TV, it is very realistic to create a depressing environment. Newly graduated livestock are looking for rental housing. The environment is good and expensive. A little worse is not cheap. After a days running, it is difficult to see a room with a suitable price. As a result, the room is neither ventilated nor damp-proof. It is also small and pitiful, but the price is there, the most. After that, we had to compromise.

Lin Shiwans Yin Zongyou is this social animal. He came to Seoul to work because of the invitation of his predecessors. His girlfriend, Ji En, also worked in Seoul. In order to meet his girlfriend frequently and have a different life, he came to Seoul, where he was not familiar with his life.

Everything is difficult at first. Yin Zongyou came here at first. Many things cant be kept in mind. A bus broke the computer screen, went to the repair shop and was repaired. In order not to disturb her girlfriends life, she decided to find her own house. But the house in Seoul is not easy to find. After a day, its tired and hot. In order to spend money, she decided to find a house by herself. On the edge of the knife, he eventually settled in a dilapidated, far from the city, pigeon cage environment, but the transportation is convenient, the most important thing is that the rent is cheap, probably the cheapest house he can find in Seoul.

This Eden examination hall is located in the demolition area, so there are few people. The light in the corridor is dim and depressing. The walls are mottled. Through the screen, I can feel the smell of mildew inside, and it seems that the people living in the building are not normal people.

Yan Fushun, the landlord, seems to be a warm-hearted aunt, offering convenience to the newcomers with cheap rent. But when people arrived, they found that this area is only temporary accommodation, demolition area, only suitable for short-term rent, and cheap because the last tenant committed suicide.

Not only that, basically none of the tenants living here are normal people, including the eager landlord who often cries out for men to eat eggs. Instead, they are the big underworld elder brother who is about to check out. On the surface, they look vicious. At first, they dont have a good word for the new landlord, and they often have friction with their neighbors. But now, it seems that they are going to check out. He was supposed to be the most normal tenant in these neighborhoods. He also told the male owner not to intersect with the residents, saying that the seemingly silent people who lived here could not keep anything behind their backs.

Unexpectedly, the phrase proves to be a prophecy. Dont say its like a psychiatric hospital. Its basically a den of thieves. These people not only abuse cats, but also kill people. They basically do nothing evil.

You may have doubts? Why didnt the police find this place, and how nobody was in charge of it, because it occupied the favorable location of the demolition area, sparsely populated, such as cat abuse, and the police did not want to take charge of it at all. The only policewoman who felt that the cat abuse incident would make great achievements was also said by the number of police stations: too idle.

In order to save money, the man did not know to step into the hell. These weird neighbors have a demonic routine.

Liu Jihe, in room 302, is said to be the big boss behind the cartoon, but on TV, he can only be regarded as an NPC, although at first I mistakenly thought he was the perverted leader, because he frightened the tenants of the examination hall.

In the examination hall, all the tenants were under his command except the Mafia elder brother Anxizhong and the new male owner Yin Zongyou. Liu Kih looks polite and smiles on the surface, but secretly often carries a doctors box without knowing what tools are in it, likes peeping secretly, tracking at night, has emotional management disorders, likes to control other peoples killings, and is the behind-the-scenes black hand of tenants before kidnapping and killing.

Although he only watched two episodes, he has killed two people, one is the Mafia elder brother Anxizhong, because he broke into the secret base on the fourth floor, so he killed him with an axe, and the other is the criminal police car that received a call for help before Anxizhongs death, came to the examination room for inquiry, afraid of what baskets, and then cut him to death. He was stabbed to death.

303 is the house of the male owner. A Pakistani lived in the house before and disappeared. In fact, he was tied to the fourth floor by a tenant and killed.

Finally, he was killed on the fourth floor. To tell the truth, he was a little pitiful. He wanted to wash his hands in a golden basin and go home to farm. Unexpectedly, he died in a group of abnormal hands.

No. 306 lives in a pair of identical twin brothers. His brother is a low-powered boy. He laughs and laughs every day. He likes to play around with a toy gun. He is the main culprit of cat abuse. But because he looks like a fool to outsiders, he escapes the punishment of the law by using his intelligence quotient.

Although his brother is normal in intelligence, he is more abnormal in heart. He is one of the cadres in the killing gang.

Room 313 is a short, gloomy man with glasses, Hong Nanfu, who likes to stare at the man without saying a word, which makes people feel gloomy and terrible.

He is a scrap wood uncle who likes to watch adult movies. He wants to kill the man because every time he stares at the man, there is a knife hidden behind his back, which can not help but shock the tigers body.

At the end of the second episode, the plot reverses dramatically. Liu Jihe, who thought to be Room 302 of Big Boss behind the scenes, was killed by Li Dongxu as dentist Xu Wenzu. The reason is that he did not obey the rules and murdered too much. He said that Liu Jihe was the failure of his experiment. In this way, the popular dentist Wang, played by Li Dongxu, may be the perverted leader. Once he appeared, he killed Liu Jihe without saying anything, and then returned to the examination hall as if nothing had happened.

Additionally, Liu Jihe in Room 302 is his instrumental man, who listens to his commands and orders. At the end of the second episode, Xu Wenzu, who is also a senior general, pins his hope on the new Yin Zongyou and intentionally goes up to the top of the building to be close to Yin Zongyou, because he thinks that Yin Zongyou, the male master, may be more suitable for becoming a demon. When Yin Zongyou asked him, Why did Uncle always look at me and laugh from the beginning? Xu Wenzu said, Ah, its because of happiness. This idea came into being when I saw you. Is my dear the same kind of person as me?

If he wants to cultivate Yin Zongyou into another Liu Jihe, he is really scary. He cant imagine the man chopping with an axe.

At present, the play has been updated to Episode 4. To be honest, when watching the play, it has been bristling with sweat. Li Dongxus perverted performance has been in place. He feels that he should have acted as a pervert. The idol play that eats on his face is really too much material to use. People are clearly the power school.

Lin Shiwan is also a descendant of the awesome, feeling that his plasticity is very strong, and after a few years of training, it is estimated that he will be able to meet at a large awards ceremony, very knowledgeable about pinching the details of the role.

Bold guess, it is estimated that the male master was stimulated during his military service, so he is very emotionally irritable, like frowning, difficult to control the outbreak of his emotions, coupled with his persistence in writing suspense stories, it is easy to bring scenes into, such a good environment, is a good theme, he should finally like here. He was killed in the film, perhaps just his imagination.

Stimulation and darkness are the keynote of this Korean opera. Although it does not burn the brain, the thriller index is still very high. If you cant see a horror film, please watch it with your friends. Its not the kind of frightening at first sight, but the kind of thoughtful and terrifying thriller.

Okay, go on with the play. I hope it doesnt end badly.