Among couples: Love is what you do.

 Among couples: Love is what you do.

Xu Lus parents feel indifferent. As long as Dalin can treat Xu Lu well, it doesnt matter if they pay more money. Xu Lu disagreed. He felt that Dalin did not like her, but that her family was in good condition.

So resolutely broke up with Dalin.


After breaking up with Dalin, Xu Lu began her emotional gap. A persons life is not good or bad, but the old womans label sticks on her body, mentioning the topic of love and marriage, is always uncomfortable.

Luma also blamed Xu Lu for being too self-willed and doing everything according to her own ideas, because it was hard to find a partner.

Depressed Xu Lufa circle of friends Tucao: I am too difficult!

Soon after, Li Zheng sent a letter to show concern for Xu Lu. Xu Lu told Li Zheng truthfully.

Talking about it, Li Zheng suddenly said, Xu Lu, why dont you think about me? Ive been a reserve player for so long. Its time to turn right.

Xu Lu returned to him, Come on, Li Zheng, dont make such a joke all the time.

Li Zheng said, I have loved you for a long time. Its not the first time that I have said that to you, but this time its the most serious one. You think about it, too, okay?

Perhaps tired of responding to parentsurge to marry, or lazy to go to a blind date again, this time, Xu Lu no longer refused as decisively as before, but seriously thought about the possibility of two people.

Xu Lu has a baby face and a sweet smile, which is Li Zhengs favorite type.

Over the years, Li Zheng has always talked about I like you and told many people that Xu Lu is the goddess in his heart. From time to time, he appears in circles of praise or comments from Xu Lus friends. When he meets some festivals, he will give Xu Lu red envelopes.

Xu Lu only regarded Li Zheng as an ordinary friend. Li Zhengs red envelope, she never points it open.

But Li Zheng did not seem to give up. In my heart, in an age when love is fast becoming a consumer product, it is rare for someone to stand by him for so long.

Therefore, facing Li Zhengs re-expression, Xu Lus heart was a little shaken. Its better to have a try with Li Zheng than to go to a blind date and try with unfamiliar people.

After a moment of meditation, Xu Lu responded to Li Zheng. Okay, Ill correct you today.

Li Zheng laughed like a fool on the other side of the screen, and he had a joy of keeping clouds open and seeing the moon.

After confirming the relationship, Xu Lu felt more and more that Li Zheng was a very considerate person and spoke warmly. Three meals a day told Xu Lu to eat on time, reminded her to wear sunscreen on sunny days, and reminded her to take an umbrella on rainy days.

When Xu Lu was in a bad mood, Li Zhenghui shared some funny videos to show Xu Lu to make him happy. At zero on the festival day, Li Zheng would send a red envelope with a sweet love story. Unlike before, Xu Lu would happily accept it now.


Love, sweet words are very pleasant, but it is like cotton candy, the entrance is instant, sweet is very short. Good love words, only listen to the moment is happy, after that are empty.

Xu Lu noticed this on that rainy night.

I just came back from my business trip in Beijing and I didnt know it was raining outside until I landed in Shenzhen. Xu Lu stopped the taxi to go home, and there was an intersection in the neighborhood. The drivers car was out of power, so he had to get off and take shelter from the rain at the nearby bus stop.

While sheltering from the rain, I chatted with Li Zheng, Its raining so hard that I get wet.

Yes, I just got home. You have to go back quickly. Dont spoil my baby. Li Zhengs speech is as sweet as ever.

At that moment, Xu Lu thought to herself, dont just talk and dont do anything, dont want me to get wet, then give me an umbrella. But Xu Lu didnt say anything.

Always feel that some things do not need to say by themselves, the other party should also understand. Its not interesting to ask for anything. Forget it, adults should have independent consciousness, and solve their own problems.


Xu Luduo hoped Li Zheng would say Ill help you and then come and share it with her, but Li Zheng said, Dont worry, I want to see if anyone can help you by the way.

I dont want any inconvenience. What I want is that you only come for me.

Li Zheng did not know it. Well, when youre done, Ill treat you to supper.

After Xu Lu was busy, he rushed to the place where he had supper. Li Zhengzheng talked and laughed with his classmates. When he saw Xu Lu, he got up. Come on, introduce me. This is my girlfriend.

Everyone said that Li Zheng was lucky to find such a beautiful and capable girlfriend as Xu Lu. Hearing such praise, Xu Lu was even more indifferent. If being able means carrying everything by herself, she would rather be an impossible person.

In her heart, she is more eager to have someone to share with her, to see through her bravery, love her stubbornness.

After supper, Li Zheng sent Xu Lu home to visit his new residence. Upstairs, Xu Lu made tea for Li Zheng and sat down for a while. She urged Li Zheng to go back earlier. She wanted to have an early rest.

Li Zheng seems a little drunk. Xu Lu, I wont leave tonight. You can take me in for one night.

Xu Lu heard the meaning of Li Zhenghua. No, Im tired today and Im not prepared for it.

Li Zheng approached Xu Lu. I like you so much, you can promise me once. Dont worry, Ill be responsible for you. As she spoke, she hugged Xu Lu.

Conscious of Li Zhengs desire to be the overlord, Xu Lu refused to obey him and pushed him away with all his strength. As a result of his inertia, Li Zheng bumped into the tea table and sobered up a little.

Before Li Zheng opened his mouth, Xu Lu calmly said, Lets break up.

Li Zheng disagreed with the break-up, and Xu Lu explained that he had been drinking before he could do such a silly thing. He hoped Xu Lu would give him a chance.

Xu Lu said, You always say so well, but what you do always disappoints me. Ive made it clear that we really dont fit in.

Perhaps Xu Lus words hurt Li Zheng, who was unwilling to fight back weakly. Do you think youre okay? I have never seen a woman more ruthless than you. I apologize to you and refuse to forgive you. I dont even give you one more chance.

These sharp words, like needles, awakened Xu Lu. She finally saw that Li Zheng was not her own good man, and this time she tried wrong. Fortunately, its not too late to wake up. The sooner the wrong person leaves, the better.

If you like to have scoring criteria, then action is the most important one. If you want to get a high score in the heart of the person you like, you have to take action and do whatever you can to make her happy.

How much a person says he likes you, dont just listen to him, it depends on how hard he works.

There is nothing wrong with saying that love should be expressed, but more importantly, action should be taken. Its too casual and inexpensive to just say what you like.

After listening to the age of love, my heart longs for that simple and real love, but that is, you can accompany me, ask me porridge can warm, with me at dusk, with me in the wind and rain.