Grease + Ugly, Beginning with Feng Tangs advocacy of Medical Beauty and Good-looking

 Grease + Ugly, Beginning with Feng Tangs advocacy of Medical Beauty and Good-looking

Who gives a medical and aesthetic company the power to judge a womans perfection and integrity?

A group of girls in white skirts lined up to wash their brains and shouted, Whole, whole, beautiful women are complete.

_By the way, the advertisements that often play chicken blood, shout slogans and treat nausea people as memory points in elevators come from a company called Red Production.

_Although the Red Made micro-blog under a curse, does not prevent people from declaring their strength, but also said: The Eiffel Tower was cursed when it was just built.

Cosmetic surgery is a personal freedom. Meet my sister and have no opinion about the cosmetic surgery itself.

Everyone has the sovereignty of his own body and the right to advocate beauty.

What are we against?

First, advocate the utility of plastic surgery;

Second, insult the public and create anxiety.

Yesterday, however, when I met Yanjie, I found that the brainwashing advertisement had returned.

Its advertisement has been changed to replace whole with beauty.

From women are beautiful to be complete, to women are beautiful to be perfect, from be a woman, rectify to be a woman, beautiful.

By analogy, P2P can advertise Rich men make money?

Whether it is women are beautiful before they are complete or women are beautiful before they are perfect, it all points to the same metaphor - women must be beautiful.

Key Points: Women!

Such advertisements, if placed in the Western world, would be shot dead under the banner of sexism, appearance discrimination and stereotypes.

Since 9102, women have assumed more and more social functions. They have long stopped viewing as their only value, and even secret shows accused of being sexy and backward in concept have been suspended.

It is hard to imagine a listed company launching such a reverse document in the current era of social values toward empowerment and tolerance.

Cai Kangyong X Feng Tang: I only spend time with good-looking people.

Today, Mei Yanjie saw a video of Feng Tang and Cai Kangyong released by the public name of the medical and aesthetic company.

This three-minute dialogue starts with what is beauty, but ultimately fails to explain what beauty is.

Mei Yanjie believed that Feng Tang was not a narrow-minded person.

After all, diss had a bad taste in greasy 2.0: What was more terrible than being a middle-aged greasy man was being a young greasy man.

He wrote:

Ancient peoples perceptions of beauty are extremely diverse. All round fat swallows and thin swallows are beautiful women. Now open those live videos and have a look. All goddesses have the same nose, eyes and mouth.

But in the videos released by Medical America, he said:

Beauty is the plus of success.

Im 100% from the Appearance Society.

I only give time to three kinds of people, the good-looking, the funny, the good-looking and the funny.

Feng Tang, too, is greasy and ignorant.

After all, aesthetic preference is a personal matter.

Firstly, it seems that all the women around the world are waiting for his judgement and his fortune to turn Feng Tang back to that greasy uncle Tang in an instant.

Second: Feng Tang said so in the advertisement video recorded for the medical and aesthetic company, which is very inappropriate and ambiguous.

Sure enough, the medical and aesthetic company immediately seized the Feng Tang said stalk, and directly used Cai Kangyong X Feng Tang: I only give the good-looking people time as the title, promoting (boasting) the justice of plastic surgery.

I only spend time with good-looking people, was taken out as the latest slogan in medical aesthetics.

Anyway, when she read this sentence, she couldnt think of Feng Tangs aesthetic pluralism. I just feel that it is to incite women to profit from the opposite sex by using their physical advantages.

This is especially provocative when it comes to Feng Tangs words of being a young man and a man God of literature and art.

Feng Tang, who is rich, talented and handsome, said that he only works on beautiful girls. In the world of facial value, he is successful. Dont you rush to the whole face?

No matter how shy the video is, what is the meaning of beauty and how diverse it is, is that not the central idea?

Beauvoir warned women half a century ago not to be fooled by the temptation of mirages. Hard roads are the only reliable way.

Why Chinas largest Internet medical and aesthetic brand, but repeatedly reversed the law, first to broadcast disgusting advertising, and then to collect white cafe, in order to convey Ayawawawawa-style decadent values.

It may not be illegal to steal concepts and use anxiety to dump their products, but it is absolutely not in line with the social responsibility of a listed company.

Feng Tang and Cai Kangyong both mentioned the importance of aesthetic taste in the video.

Then please tell me, do you think the advertisement beauty is called for by Mai? Is Teacher Cais Eyelid Poster Beautiful?

Who can tell me the logic of this double-eyelid advertisement?

Is this leather Festival poster beautiful below?

Teacher Cai Kangyong, the same picture is everywhere P. Are you so ambitious that Party A can use the portrait casually?

Are these discount promotions beautiful?

_In the name of Medical and American Company, under Kang Yong and Feng Tangs videos, there are these overwhelming, colorful and hot-eyed advertisements. I ask you, irony is not ironic?

And, is the example beauty posted on the selected diary of medical beauty?

_If you look at it for yourself, I wont comment on it.

_Look at the case posted on a medical microblog

Although Kang Yong and Feng Tang both mention the uniqueness and plurality of beauty in the film, do you believe that a medical and aesthetic company without aesthetic appreciation and three perspectives still needs to be tested (or verified)?

Kang Yong and Feng Tang are the handlebars of the grid circle. Behind them are the literary and artistic young women who are in full swing. Whatever ten miles of spring breeze is worse than you, they can all soak into chicken soup and be widely sung.

Should you be more cautious and serious about what you say when it comes to social values?

In the video, several young women are singing and dancing in the beach and swimming pool. They are very happy.

The voiceover said, Big breast feels great!

After the advertisement was aired, 17 complaints were received, including from the Mental Health Foundation.

Later, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) banned the advertisement.

Compared with the anti-intelligence advertisement Women are beautiful, complete / perfect, this British breast augmentation advertisement is mild.

And people have subtitles under the screen: surgery is risky, plastic surgery needs to be cautious.

The breast augmentation advertisement takes advantage of young womens anxieties about their body shape, understates serious surgical operations, advocates a happier life for girls with large breasts, and considers plastic surgery as an ideal aspiration. Such advertisements are irresponsible and harmful to society.

Making use of womens anxieties, the operation is understated, the pleasure of plastic surgery is advocated, and plastic packaging is the ideal.

These four questions are all represented by Mr. Cai Kangyongs medical and American brands, which are even better than others.

Chest augmentation advertisement on a medical and aesthetic platformu2014u2014

Blatant advocacy of the chest is a capital for women to show off and be proud of.

It was accompanied by a rough motion picture.

Reshape nose tip minute to star face, from ordinary to amazing only 30 minutes, Summer battle, the beginning of school on the counter-attack, blindly advocating cosmetic casual and convenient, without mentioning the effect of risk and physiological risk.

After the advertisement was banned, Ms. Isabella Goldie, chairman of the Mental Health Foundation, made a statement.

She said:

It is dangerous and unacceptable to suggest that only through plastic surgery can young people gain self-confidence and happiness.

All of us, including businesses, should take responsibility for strengthening the cognitive resilience of young people.

Focus on strengthening the cognitive flexibility of young people.

_Packing plastic surgery as an ideal and advocating the utility of plastic surgery is forbidden in the West.

Lets look at the other advertisements of the medical brand endorsed by Mr. Kang Yong.

The ugliness is coming. What is gossip?

When you look good, you find that there are many good people around you.

Even marketing cant play that way, can it?

Everything is inferior, only Yan is important.

A bad advertisement, a greasy Feng Tang

These advertisements with the banner of caring for women, understanding women and pleasing themselves actually convey that ornamental sex is the greatest value of women, happiness comes not from struggle, but from the appearance dividend.

The problem of medical and aesthetic advertisement has been talked about a lot by Yanjie.

The most disappointing thing this time is Feng Tang.

As a doctor of Concorde Gynecology, Feng Tang should be aware that all surgical operations are at risk, and the risk of cosmetic surgery will be higher because of substandard materials or rejection.

But he did not mention the main points of the professional category in the video, but advocated the importance of beauty and its utilitarianism.

How can you imagine that after all these years, Feng Tang, in his forties, was still in adolescence and forever 21?u2014u2014

Weibo turned beautiful women, took pictures of beautiful women at the dinner table, and boasted in the medical and aesthetic advertisements that I only give three people time.

The existence of such works shows how tolerant our society is.