People in middle age never attend these three kinds of classmatesgatherings. They regret going once and never go the second time.

 People in middle age never attend these three kinds of classmatesgatherings. They regret going once and never go the second time.

There is a classmates dinner, you go to regret the first time, the second time never to participate.

Zhang San attended a small party of old classmate Li Sizhang Luo. Its Li Sizhangs turn to treat him. Li Si is only the head of a primary school, but he is bigger than the president. After being full of wine and food, Li Si called in front of his classmates and said, Who, dont you want your children in our school? Then come and pay for it.

Ten minutes later, a shabby-dressed peddler came to pay the bill with a big smile on his face.

Zhang Sanxin said in his heart: Li Sizhangluos party will not take part in the second time if he is killed.

[2] After 800 years of disconnection, you are invited to dinner only when you have something to do.

Lin Zi was resting at home. Suddenly, he received a call calling from a self-proclaimed dear classmate who said that he had not seen you for a long time and wanted to invite you to dinner. Lin Zi thought for a long time, did not think of the old classmates appearance, did not contact for 800 years. Lin Zi read the past and went happily. As a result, the old schoolmate invited several strangers.

In the middle of the forest quietly came out, bought the bill, and then went home, on the way to send text messages to students: classmates meet, I come to treat. You guys keep eating and having fun. Ive settled the bill. Lin Zi vowed to regret coming for the first time and not to participate in killing for the second time.

[3] Special meals arranged by students with bad character.

Its not easy for Dajiang to mix up his position today. He is cautious in his words and deeds. But when bosom classmates get together, Dajiang always takes an active part, because he knows that the feelings of classmates also need long-term nourishment. Dajiang is not putting on airs, attending classmatesgatherings, are selective, do not attend the gatherings, neither embarrassing themselves, nor wasting other peoples hospitality money.

Once, Huazi, an old classmate, invited Dajiang to have dinner. Dajiang felt that the hotel was not in the right place. As soon as he entered the private room, several girls dressed in exposed clothes surrounded him. Between cup pushing and cup changing, several girls always leaned close to the river and took out their mobile phones to play with self-portraits. The river immediately made excuses and slipped away.

Dajiang blames himself when he walks on the road. He knows Huazis character is very bad. Why did he come to dinner? Huazi can play with flowers and flowers. There are wives, children and hard-won jobs in Dajiang. Why go to such a muddy water restaurant? I regret the first time, but I will never participate the second time.