Bath products are optional? NO! You have to pay attention to these...

 Bath products are optional? NO! You have to pay attention to these...

Seeing this, many people may ask, how to determine what kind of skin they belong to? Here we can refer to the method of determining facial skin quality, that is, to observe the oil production of skin within half an hour after taking a bath without any bath products. If it is dry, it is dry skin. If there is too much oil, it is oily skin. If it is not dry or oily, it may be neutral skin.

When choosing bathing products, in addition to the skin condition, it can also be selected according to the overall situation of different groups of people, such as infants, pregnant women, the elderly, generally recommend the use of mild nature of the bath gel. If exfoliation is required, bathing salts, body scrub paste and other products can be used appropriately, but it is not recommended to use them frequently.

2. How to use bath products?

First rinse the body with warm water, then take proper amount of bathing products in the palm, rub out the fine foam and apply it to the whole body.

u00b7 Gently rub the whole body, then rinse it with warm water until the skin is refreshing.

u00b7 Finally, wipe the body with a towel to dry the water, you can apply body moisturizer, do a good job of body skin moisturizing.

Ann Warmly reminds us that even in summer, we should do a good job of moisturizing our skin, because the sun or the dry environment of the air conditioning room can make the skin dry and even damage the skin. Firstly, according to different seasons, regions and personal habits, the frequency of bathing can be adjusted appropriately; secondly, the temperature of bathing water should be similar to skin temperature; moreover, the main bathing time should not be too long, preferably controlled in about 10 minutes, the longest should not exceed 20 minutes.

Are you all clear about the little thing about bathing?

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