Qi Weis Exclusive Awakening Secret: Draw Nose Shadows!

 Qi Weis Exclusive Awakening Secret: Draw Nose Shadows!

They wandered aimlessly to a waterfront. Qiwei said it was a good place for romance. Li Chenghyun said tactfully, Let them turn off the lights? The screen is black, but pink bubbles are everywhere!

Qi Wei likes to listen to Wang Leehoms songs and calls Wang Leehom her idol. Li Chenghyun is jealous and shows that he likes them, but Qi Wei likes them. Wang Leehom is the enemy!

The most excessive, but also the way Li Chenghyun coaxed Qiwei to get up, put a picture of your own experience! When his wife makes up, he automatically turns into a small assistant, and takes the mirror and feeds food. Its really sour to death.

In addition to warmth and sweetness, their interaction is often ridiculous because of language problems. For example, Qiwei once asked Li Chenghyun when she was making up: Did I wake up a lot with a nose shadow? Who knows, but he replies, Youve been awake!

Its no wonder that Li Chenghyun, after all, as a straight man, knows French nails, its not easy for him to choose a red slogan for you. How can he understand this kind of obstruction by waking up with his nose shadow? Nevertheless, even Qiwei, a cosmetic queen, relies on her nose shadow to refresh herself. You can imagine how important this nose shadow is.

Once Qi Wei Suyan painted a live broadcasters make-up. By contrast, we can see the existence of nose shadow. This step is really very important for correcting the imperfect nose shape.

So why does nose shadow play such an important role in makeup, and how to achieve the effect comparable to micro-shaping by drawing nose shadow? Lets talk about this topic today! If you often watch makeup videos, you should find that almost all of the makeup bloggersmakeup tutorials are inseparable from the nose shadow step.

Compared with the stiff roots and nostrils of Europeans and Americans, Asians tend to have flat roots, not straight nostrils, and flat nose, not small enough, so the face will appear to lack stereoscopic sense. The nose is located in the center of the face, which plays an important role in the visual command of the five senses. If there is no stereoscopic sense, or the proportion of length and width is not in harmony, it will make the other five features look not enough spirit.

Therefore, in order to have a perfect nose, rhinoplasty has been very popular in recent years, but we should know that the risk of infection of this kind of surgery is very high, and if carelessly rectified, the nose is even more ugly and difficult to recover, it is definitely not recommended to try easily.

In fact, the nose is not good-looking, there is no hard standard, and harmony with your facial features is naturally the best. Of course, there is no need to move a knife to deal with the imperfect nose shape problem that exists more or less for everyone. As long as you use the right nose shadow, you can immediately get up to the next level of beauty.

So how on earth can painting not only beautify the nose, but also naturally as if you were born to grow like this? Learn from Minsco, a Korean beauty blogger.

Minscos nose can be said to be a collection of many common Asian imperfect nose shape problems, long nose, mountain roots collapse, flat nose, very representative, so her painting is also very useful for most people! _Three key points to help you find pain points_

First, you need to understand the characteristics of your nose. Before you start, you need to know three key points: the distance between your eyes, the length of your nose and the shape of your nose.

If the distance between the eyes is narrower, the position of the shadow cannot be drawn too close to the bridge of the nose; conversely, if the distance between the eyes is wider, the shadow should be connected from the eyebrow to the bridge of the nose.

Conversely, if the nose is longer, it can not be drawn according to the length of the nose. The shadows only need to draw the eyes and nose, and then add a little shadow in the position of the nose according to the actual situation.

The third point is based on the characteristics of the nose, mainly for the garlic nose or round nose, can focus on the nose and alar painting shadow, making it more compact. _Tools should take advantage of hand dizziness to naturally_Understanding the characteristics of their nose is important, but the tool brush for drawing nose shadow is also an important part. Minsco recommends preparing a dizzy brush and a round head brush.

Shadow discs of two or three colors are recommended in the color aspect of cosmetic products to achieve more natural overdyeing.

First of all, to draw the first layer of shadows, mix the shade powder of light and dark numbers, and gently press the finger on the eyebrow and corner of the eye to connect the position, there will be a depression, that is, we want to beautify the location of the mountain roots. Naturally wrap the area with a halo brush. If you want deep eye sockets, bring some to the eyelid. Then modify the nose, sweep it horizontally along the lower part of the nose tip, and add some dizziness on both sides of the nose, which can bring a little nose wing properly, so that the basic nose shape correction is completed.

Next, use the second layer of shadows to enhance the stereo. Choose the darkest shade powder, and dizzy again in the first step of the depression. At this time, it can be seen that the roots of the mountain become more plump, and the height of the nose bridge is also increased by the way, without the need to penetrate both sides of the nose bridge. _A little trick to pull up the nose bridge_If you carefully observe the makeup of some stars, you will find that some peoples nose bridge appears more full and straight than others, the secret is that she highlights the junction of the mountain roots and nose bridge, there is a part called pterygoid!

Minsco shared with us a trick to make a pseudo-high nose bridge. Just strengthen the shadow of the pterygoid bone, the nose bridge will be more natural to bulge in the middle. Even without high light, the effect is very obvious. You can try it. According to the contrast, does it feel that Minscos facial features are obviously more three-dimensional, but there are no heavy cosmetic traces, very natural? How to select nose shadow products and how to select nose shadow products, we generally come down to cosmetic products, common texture can be divided into two categories: cosmetic powder and cosmetic paste (including cosmetic rods). Most of the dressing powder is powder platen with light texture and general color. Need to use brush makeup, more easy to control dosage, more suitable for daily makeup use. Powdery texture painting nose, look here: Step1: First, dip the brush in the lightest and brown shading powder, mix the two colors, in the tip of the nose, like a thin brush like v, pay attention to carefully dizzy dye; Step2: the same in the bottom of the nose horizontal sweep on the shadow; Step3: the same dip in shaping powder, in the eye socket groove hit. Shadows can connect the eyebrows and make the lines of nose bridge clearer and more natural.

For cosmetic ointment, it is smooth and easy to colour. But because of the need to push aside halo dyeing, so the test technology. It is also because of the paste texture, it can be better integrated with the bottom makeup, more decorative, suitable for the face and nose that need to be significantly adjusted, more suitable for taking photos or creating strong makeup. Cream texture painting nose shadow, look here: Step1: First use brush dip in dark cosmetic ointment, from both sides of the nose bridge of the eyehead, vertical downward brush cosmetic, at the end of the nose tip;

Step2: Brush facial ointment on both sides of the nose tip and the bottom of the nose head from the end of the nose tip, pay attention to the bottom of the nose to draw the v-shape; Step3: Use a trumpet facial brush, dip in a light-colored facial ointment, brush the nose vertically at the bridge and slightly increase the nose; Step4: Use wet sponge eggs, gently pat open the place where the facial repair has just been painted. Make it more natural;