How beautiful is the classic Plaid textbook style?

 How beautiful is the classic Plaid textbook style?

Find out the true appearance rate of lattice elements

Predict a wave

Lattice elements are on fire again in the second half of the year

To be correct

Yeah, its going to get even hotter again.

Because the word outdated

For lattice elements

It does not exist.

Lattice Element is never out of date


As a lattice-controlled me

When buying checked items

In fact, I have trampled on many thunders.

When selecting lattice elements

Must avoid minefields!!

You must have seen checked tablecloths, havent you?

Such checked items

A line consisting of only one color.

There is no change in the rougher spacing of lines.

And it will make up a medium-sized grid.

At first glance it looks like

Just! Very! Pu! Pass!

Lets think about it and know it.

Put an ordinary tablecloth over you

Will it look good?!

Not to mention ordinary people.

Even big stars are hard to hold.

In this group of pictures

Song Qian wore this item.

We also need to cover a large area from beginning to end.


Its not a little bit worse.

(Its a matter of clothes that has nothing to do with people!)

But thats not to say.

All single-change, single-color lattices

No choice

If you choose a slimmer line

Small lattice items

Itll be much better right away.

But the lattice with higher brightness

Except for the good pictures.

Daily wear is also more thunder-stricken

If you dont want to make a mistake

Choose the one with low brightness as far as possible.

All in all, its a list that looks like a tablecloth.

Or dont wear it anymore.

Wang Suzhongs brother can be counted as

Fans of checks and stripes

Very many shapes

Both elements appear.

But unfortunately he trampled on the mine.

When stripes and lattices collide

Not only did it not collide with sparks

It also makes the overall dress awkward.

A little upper and lower body

All in all, it looks like that.

A sense of disharmony

Listen to me!

Never dress up like that.

Loose and Oversized are the general trend of tidal current

Choose 1-2 yards larger than your appropriate size

Its completely OK.

Slender at the same time

Can also wear the feeling of personality

On the contrary, if you choose the right size

It would seem a little too ordinary.

The programmer came out immediately.

After lightning protection, we should take a look at it.

Better dressed

It can be said that it is from summer.

The fire lasted till autumn.

If its a shirt skirt

The simplest way

Its with a beret.

Put on a pair of small leather shoes

The breath of the English wind came at once.

Its like Nabi.

Match a pair of Martin boots

Add some more elements of functional wind

A proper handsome girl

Dont rush until autumn.

We can match one inside.

Pure T-shirt/knitted shirt

Or wear a coat outside.

Then we can continue to wear it into winter!

Recommended time arrives

A kind of

A kind of

A kind of

A kind of

Chequered pants look a little difficult to handle

But not necessarily.

Youll find a more versatile pair of checked pants.

Recreational Plaid trousers

A loose-fitting jacket

Its the best.

Comfortable and handsome

Brothers love to wear this too.

If you want to wear it

More feminine

It can be matched with a shirt or knitted shirt.

It looks very gentle and lovely.

Sisters More Suitable for Gentle Wind

Recommended time arrives

A kind of

A kind of

Chequered suit is almost retro Max

Its the same as choosing a shirt.

Choose a looser style as much as possible

Daily wear is too inconsistent

Loose suits are different.

Simply mix one inside

Loose T-shirt

Its the boyish style thats very popular nowadays.

If you want to be more handsome

It can also be like Nabi.

Matching overalls

Inside with checked suit

Try to choose a more concise style.

Otherwise, it would look like a whole match.

There is no emphasis on

Recommended time arrives

A kind of

A kind of

A kind of