Beijing Airshow Engine is the highlight of this years airshow, which will show a variety of airline developments.

 Beijing Airshow Engine is the highlight of this years airshow, which will show a variety of airline developments.

[Global Times-Global Network Reporter Ma Jun] The development of domestic engines has always been the most concerned topic of Chinese aerospace enthusiasts. At the press conference of the 18th Beijing International Air Show (Beijing Air Show) held on October, Global Times reporters learned that the Beijing Air Show will focus on the latest development of a variety of aeroengines.

At the launch meeting, relevant leaders from China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., China Aviation Engine Group, China Aviation Society, Beijing Huajin Company and other sponsors made a detailed introduction of the preparations and highlights of the exhibition. It is reported that the Beijing Air Show will be held in the National Convention Center from September 18 to 20. This year is the 35th year of Beijing Air Show. As the first comprehensive and trade-related professional air show held in China, since 1984, it has always been with the original intention of serving the win-win development of aerospace industry, practicing the mission and responsibility of introducing advanced international technology and promoting industrial cooperation at home and abroad.

More than 210 exhibitors from 12 countries and regions were invited to participate in the 17,000 square meters exhibition. Five thematic forums were held at the same time, covering the professional fields of commercial aerospace, aeroengine, superalloy, civil aircraft materials and additives manufacturing. The 2nd International Aeroengine Forum, sponsored by the Ministry of Machinery and Transport Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Aviation Engine Industry-University Consortium of the Chinese Association of Sciences, the Science and Technology Committee of China Aeroengine Group Co., Ltd. and sponsored by China Aeroengine Research Institute and Beijing Huajin Company, highlights the international level and gathers GE. RR, P&W and other world-renowned aero-engine manufacturers have established an authoritative platform for technical exchange and cooperation in the aero-engine field.

At the same time, professional conferences such as the China Civil Aircraft Material Industry Development Summit Forum in 2019, China Superalloy Industry Summit Forum in 2019, China Commercial Aircraft Additional Manufacturing Technology and Application Forum in 2019, and the Earth-Month Space Economy Summit Forum in 2019 will also be held during the exhibition period. Thousands of elites, experts and scholars from domestic and foreign industries will be invited to gather in Beijing. We will make suggestions for the development of the industry in terms of science, technology and academia, and create a grand gathering of high-end authority.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026