US media report amazing insider: US has withdrawn its top spy in Russia urgently

 US media report amazing insider: US has withdrawn its top spy in Russia urgently

[Global Times correspondent Wen Yan, Global Times correspondent Liu Haoran and Liu Zhi] Trump ruined the Infernal Affairs of the United States? According to CNN reported on October 10, based on interviews with several people in the White House, Congress and the intelligence community, the United States withdrew the top-level spy in Russia in 2017, because the head of state had a major hidden danger of leaking secrets and exposed the behind enemy spy personnel at any time. Risks. After the spy ran away, Washington had no alternative to the mans undercover; the presidents big mouth might cause the United States to step back its espionage work against Russia in the next few years.

It is reported that the fuse of the espionage run occurred in May 2017, when Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov at the White House as timely Russian Ambassador to the United States, Kislyak, and disclosed to Russian officials the important information provided by Israel to the United States. This kind of betraying teammates threatens the security of Israeli spies and arouses the high alert of the American intelligence community. Afterwards, American intelligence officials opened a risk assessment of the safety of undercover personnel overseas, and the CIAs espionage evacuation operation came into being. After many turns, the mysterious spy was successfully recalled by the United States.

According to the New York Times, CIA began to counter middle-level officials of the Russian government decades ago. After years of painstaking management, a defective official stepped up and successfully entered the depths of the Kremlin. During the storm of Russias alleged interference in the American elections in 2016, the newspaper received unprecedented attention and protection from the CIA. CNN described the U.S. spy as the highest-level informant in Russia before he was recalled, and even provided documents on Putins desk images. And the loss of this level of eyeliner, the United States in the next few years, Russias intelligence work will be in a passive sense. VOX speculates that the United States has not yet been able to identify qualified successors. The CIA lamented to Seiffer, the head of Russias operations department, that it was extremely difficult to recruit such high-level spies, and that such opportunities could not be sought.

VOX says the intelligence community has long feared Trump: he has been working to improve relations with Russia since he took office, and not only that, he has little faith in the profession itself. Steven Hall, a former CIA official, has publicly criticized that: Our president is different from his predecessors. He will use his own preferences to obtain confidential information and sensitive information... Or publicly on Twitter, or show it to our competitors. The American intelligence community is now in an unknown territory.

However, CNNs exclusive report has met with official denials and some doubts from its media counterparts. The CIA issued an urgent statement condemning CNNs reporting errors in a purely misleading speculation, Fox News reported Wednesday. Fox said that some of the facts mentioned in the CNN article were quite different from the New York Times version: according to the latter, the CIA had started evacuation operations as early as 2016, but the spy was afraid to move easily, which delayed the journey. At that time, Trump had not yet taken office. In its report, the New York Times quoted former intelligence officials as saying there was no evidence that Trump endangered intelligence personnel stationed in Russia; other officials said that it was the deep excavation and long-term exposure of such incidents by the American media that forced intelligence agencies to get ahead.

Russia denies that the United States successfully withdrew its spies from Russia. According to Russian Viewpoint reported on the 10th, regarding CNNs report, Klintsevic, a member of the Defense Committee of the Russian Federation Council (the upper house of parliament), said that the report was open false news. He said CNNs report may be aimed at blaming Trump for some foolish actions that have damaged the entire U.S. intelligence network, or at showing that the U.S. has its own eyes and ears all over the world and can grasp secret information that other countries cannot obtain. But whatever the purpose, the content of the report is false. Russias Businessman Daily said Wednesday that senior sources from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the coverage of Trumps meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was entirely a fabrication of CNN.

Although the US media did not reveal the spys name, some Russian media said that the spy was Smolenkov, a staff member of the Russian presidential palace. He went to Montenegro with his family for a holiday in June 2017, and then disappeared there. Russian presidential spokesman Peskov responded to this on the 10th, saying that Smolenkov, the American spy mentioned by the US media, had been a staff member of the presidential palace several years ago, but had been dismissed by internal order. His position is not a senior official and it is impossible to contact the President. Peskov also called the reports in the US media vulgar fiction.

It is widely said that Smolenkov worked at the Russian Embassy in the United States and now lives in Washington, D.C., after his family mysteriously disappeared in Montenegro in 2017. In recent days, his residence has been exposed, and media reporters have visited him directly. Therefore, the White House said that CNNs report was not only false, but also ignoring human life.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026