Mould performs a new song to show her boyfriend 2000 fans how warm they are

 Mould performs a new song to show her boyfriend 2000 fans how warm they are

Taylor Swift

Netease Entertainment reported on September 11 that according to Taiwanese media reports, Taylor recently released her new album LOVER, which in a short time has set a record in music circles around the world. A mini-concert to celebrate the release of the album was held at the Olympic Concert Hall in Paris, France, yesterday. More than 2,000 fans from 37 countries around the world were invited to celebrate the release of the new album. It is the biggest album release party.

After the release of Taylors album, her first performance in Paris, the Romantic Capital, was also her first return to France since 2011. Before she came on stage, the audience continued to shout the name of her idol and appeared in a black costume with all expectations, bringing the first wave of the new album to the audience. Play the single ME! It instantly heated up the atmosphere of the scene, followed by a series of Golden Songs from previous albums, such as BlankSpace and I Knew You Were Trouble, which immediately plunged fans into the classic memory-killing whirlpool; while when singing Lover for boyfriend Joe Owen, fans also lit up the lights of their mobile phones, accompanied by Taylors voice to make them whole. Every flower is more romantic. Finally, it draws the perfect ending of the concert with the album 1989 classic ShakeitOff.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952