Turkeys Little Boys Stadium smoked fireworks! The real age is 36.

 Turkeys Little Boys Stadium smoked fireworks! The real age is 36.

On September 9, two Turkish clubs, Fenerbahce and Bolsa Sports, played a friendly match, which was also a charity match, and all the proceeds from the match will be donated to Turkish medical charities. The game began and ended in a peaceful rhythm with a final score of 2-1, and Bolsa Sports was the winner.

During the match, the camera lens was given to a little fan of Bolsa Sports in the stands. The boy looked only in his teens, but he smoked in the public and enjoyed himself very much. Judging from his skillful smoking movements, the child is absolutely an old hand, and the smoking age of five or six years is absolutely not such a fluent method. At the moment of smoking, the little boy was immersed in his own world. Everything outside had nothing to do with him.

For a while, the Internet fried pot, many people criticized the little boy, accused him of not learning well at a young age, and he was sitting next to a small boy. Later, there was the message that the fans wanted the little boys flesh, and they hoped that his parents would discipline him well.

What happened next was beyond everyones expectation. According to Turkish media confirmation, this little boy is not a child at all, he is 36 years old! The boy he was sitting on was not his companion, but his son. For a moment, the whole world was shocked. Netizens exclaimed, Brother, are you Benjamin Button? Tianshan childrens grandmother attached to it? It seems that there really is immortality in the world. Maybe smoking froze his time.

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