Japans 1m 64 core pulls out the perfect arc! He never complained about the bad site.

 Japans 1m 64 core pulls out the perfect arc! He never complained about the bad site.

Before the game, Hiroshima Nakashima once said about the weather and the venue: I dont pay much attention to the venue conditions, because I used to play in the park where the venue was worse. If the conditions of the field are not good, we must use our brains and play as smart as possible. Its not fun to play football in the rain, and some of the balls can only go in on rainy days.

In the 16th minute, Hiroshima Nakashima broke the deadlock for Japan with a world wave. After getting the ball on the left side of the front court, Nakashima cut all the way along the restricted area line and then circled the perfect arc ball with the inside of his foot. On rainy days, the ball becomes relatively heavy because it is wet. In this case, long-range shooting is often more dangerous. Smart Nakajima, with the most suitable rainy day way to complete the brilliant goal.

Ten minutes later, Takeshi Nagano won for Japan. The left-foot low shot was blocked from the middle of the hall in Tanganlus forbidden area. After Tanganlu got the ball, he immediately sent a precise pass to the center. Nanye Tuoshi scored a close header. With these two goals, the Japanese team won 2-0 in the end.

It is worth mentioning that Japans three best players in this game have played in the European sub-league. Nakashima has played for Portuguese Super Porto, Tang Anlu has just joined Eindhoven, and Nagano Tuoshi has played for Salzburg, Austria. This can definitely give Chinese footballers great inspiration. There is no need to focus on the five major leagues while staying abroad. Even playing in the second-class League in Europe is enough to greatly improve personal ability.

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